Čime hraniti štene njemačkog ovčara?

Čime hraniti štene njemačkog ovčara?

Čime hraniti štene njemačkog ovčara?

Growing organism

A puppy needs special nutrition, which is noticeably different from what is recommended for an adult pet. For example, a young dog needs to get a significant amount of energy from food and a special balance of minerals and vitamins, in which calcium, phosphorus, and zinc play a significant role.

Given that a puppy grows 12 times faster than a child, you can imagine how rich and at the same time easily digestible his diet should be. Foods designed for large breed puppies are available on the market today in large quantities.

Its own specificity

But there are also specific offers for puppies of specific breeds on the market. If we talk about the German Shepherd, then we can call the food Royal Canin German Shepherd Junior.

Its composition meets all the needs of a young representative of this breed. So, these animals have a rather sensitive digestive system, especially the stomach and intestines, so the diet contains highly digestible proteins that reduce the burden on the digestive system. In addition, dogs need a strong skeleton that can withstand the weight of a pet (and it increases 15 (!) Times in the first 70 months of a puppy’s life), for this, the diet provides an appropriate balance of minerals responsible for building the musculoskeletal system.

However, objectively speaking, universal food for puppies of large breeds is an excellent balanced nutritional option. They are perfect for a German Shepherd puppy.

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