Koje su prednosti gotovih jela?

Koje su prednosti gotovih jela?

Balance and digestibility

Industrial feed contains all the elements necessary for the animal in the right proportions.

A dog needs to receive with food 2 times more calcium, 2,5 times more iron, 3 times more phosphorus than a person.

In addition, ready-made diets are easier to digest than home-cooked meals. It has been established that out of 20,5 g of protein contained in 100 g of beef, the dog receives only 75%, but from 22 g of protein in 100 g of food – already about 90%.


The diets intended for pets are made from completely natural ingredients. These are meat and offal, animal and vegetable fats, cereals, vitamins, minerals. Flavor enhancers, sweeteners, preservatives, nitrates or growth hormones that are often found in our food are not found in foods produced by large responsible manufacturers that have their own laboratories and strict quality control and food safety systems.


Each ingredient in the finished diet performs its function: animal protein helps to form strong muscles and gives vitality, fiber helps digestion, calcium strengthens teeth and bones, zinc and linoleic acid keep coat and skin healthy. Both wet and dry food have their own important functions. The first saturates the animal’s body with water, prevents obesity, the second takes care of the oral cavity and stabilizes digestion.


The ingredients used in the feed are completely natural – we are talking about the products of large manufacturers with their own laboratories and quality control systems. Rations for pets are produced in compliance with all technologies. Feed quality is controlled at all stages of production, which eliminates the risk of infection with parasites and harmful bacteria, product spoilage. The ingestion of foods harmful to the dog is also excluded. Although their list is extensive: chocolate, alcohol, avocados, grapes and raisins, raw meat, bones and eggs, onions and garlic. This list is not exhaustive.


Industrial feed saves the owner time and nerves: you do not need to prepare food for your pet. The dog switches to proper nutrition in a matter of days – it gets used to dry rations in less than a week, and adapts to wet rations immediately.


Pet-friendly diets significantly reduce the cost of owners for pet food. It is easy to calculate: the cost of a self-prepared balanced meal for a dog weighing 15 kg is 100 rubles. This amount includes the purchase of the required amount of meat, cereals, vegetables, vegetable oil, vitamin complexes. The cost of buying a similar serving of dry food, for example, pedigre – 17-19 rubles, Sretan pas – 30 rubles, Pro plan – 42 rubles, that is, many times less. By purchasing such a diet in large packages, you save even more.

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