Mogu li psi jesti sir?

Mogu li psi jesti sir?

No need for cheese

According to statistics, approximately 90% of all pet owners treat their pets with something. Moreover, for both those and others, the process of treats is important, because it strengthens the emotional bond between a person and a pet.

However, it is important to know that food from the owner’s table is not suitable as a treat for a dog. Say, the mentioned cheese is extremely high in calories: for example, 100 g of Adyghe cheese contains 240-270 kcal, the same amount of Russian cheese contains about 370 kcal, and cheddar – 400 kcal.

If a dog, especially a small breed dog, is constantly treated to cheese, it is likely to gain excess weight, and this can lead to obesity. Therefore, a pet should not be given cheese as a treat.

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At the same time, the animal can be pleased with treats specially designed for him, without resorting to home cooking. The composition of such products includes natural ingredients, and they are made taking into account the characteristics of the dog. In addition, the assortment of these delicacies is very diverse.

So, in the Pedigree line there are Jumbone bones, Rodeo meat pigtails, Markies cookies, Tasty Bites pieces. Many other brands also offer dog treats: Almo Nature, Beaphar, Happy Dog, Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin, Astrafarm and so on.

It is also important to add that, unlike products intended for humans, treats for pets carry a certain functional load. As a rule, they serve not only for the pleasure of the dog, but also benefit its health: they help clean the oral cavity, saturate the pet’s body with useful substances.

It is clear that cheese is not capable of this. But goodies – quite. However, when giving them to a dog, it should be remembered that their amount should not exceed 10% of its daily calorie requirement. So that the owner does not have difficulty calculating the recommended portion of the delicacy, manufacturers calculate it themselves and place the necessary information on the package. The owner of the pet should be guided by these recommendations and not exceed the established calorie intake.

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