Da li je psima potrebna sol u ishrani?

Da li je psima potrebna sol u ishrani?

Da li je psima potrebna sol u ishrani?

Important element

Table salt – it is also sodium chloride – saturates the dog’s body with such useful elements as sodium and chlorine. The former is necessary for the healthy functioning of cells and maintaining the acid-base balance, it is involved in the generation and transmission of nerve impulses, and plays an essential role in the processes of assimilation and excretion of water. The second is important for maintaining the concentration of interstitial fluid and acid-base balance.

However, a dog does not need to get as much salt in his food as his owner. So, an animal needs about 6 times less sodium per day than a person.

Don’t oversalt!

A scientifically based, optimal salt rate for a pet is already present in industrial diets. By the way, if the owner tries them – especially wet food – he will consider the food fresh and not salty enough. This is precisely because we have different norms and optimums regarding nutrients and minerals in food.

Additional seasoning of dog food with sodium chloride should not be no need to give her pure salt.

Otherwise, health problems are possible: in particular, an excess of sodium in the body causes vomiting and dryness of the mucosa; too much chlorine leads to a change in the level of calcium and potassium in the blood, which is fraught with nausea, vomiting, and increased fatigue in the pet.

As you know, everything is good in moderation. And the amount of salt in a dog’s diet is a great illustration of this simple truth.

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7 juna 2018

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