Osobine ishrane psa u trudnoći i dojilje

Osobine ishrane psa u trudnoći i dojilje

Osobine ishrane psa u trudnoći i dojilje


The first four weeks after mating, the dog should eat normally. During this period, the animal does not feel the need to increase the portion. And it is important for the owner to ensure that the dog does not overeat.

Starting from the fifth week of pregnancy, the dog needs to increase the amount of food by 10-15% weekly.

Thus, by the time of delivery, the daily norm should increase by almost half. At the same time, not only the volume of feeding increases, but also the frequency of food intake – first from 2 to 3, and then up to 4-5 times a day by the end of the fifth week.

However, a pregnant dog should not overeat – excess weight can result in problems during childbirth. A veterinarian will help to draw up the correct nutrition algorithm.

Period hranjenja

After the puppies are born and during the entire lactation period, the dog also needs enhanced nutrition. After all, she has to expend additional energy to produce milk.

You can meet the increased needs of the animal in protein, calcium, vitamins and trace elements, for example, with the help of Pedigree dry and wet rations, special feeds from the Royal Canin line – for example, Mini Starter Mother & Babydog. There are corresponding offers from other brands – Bozita, Arden Grange.

The energy requirements of a lactating dog begin to gradually decrease when 4 weeks have passed since the birth. By the way, starting from the age of 3 weeks, puppies no longer have enough nutrients from their mother. At this time, pets can already begin to accustom to solid food.

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