Poslastice za pse

Poslastice za pse

Poslastice za pse


Treats for dogs are available in specialized stores in a variety of forms. Meet biscuits, cookies, kobasice, braids, bones, sticks i tako dalje.

In addition to their rewarding role, some treats also have a functional value. Due to their composition and structure, treats benefit the health of the animal.

Pedigree, Happy Dog, Purina, Molina, Mnyams have their own offers of functional treats. For example, Denta Stix from Pedigree contains active ingredients that slow down the formation of tartar. When used, teeth are cleaned and gums are massaged.


Treats should be given to your dog by following a few simple tips:

  • Do not exceed the recommended amount of calories that your pet consumes per day. Treats should account for no more than 10% of the daily requirement.

  • No need to overindulge in treats. They are just an addition to the food that the dog consumes, and cannot serve as a complete replacement for it.

  • You should pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Specialized treats – for example, those designed to strengthen bones, joints, created for overweight animals – require a special approach to feeding.

  • Sometimes you can offer the dog an alternative. It is useful to periodically replace the treat with a game with a pet.


The dog should only receive treats as a reward for good behavior or as a reward for training. Do not use treats to apologize to the animal, for example, for not walking. Treats help strengthen the bond between the person and the dog. But it is important that at the same time they do not have a negative impact on the health of the pet.

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