Zdrava ishrana psa

Zdrava ishrana psa

Zdrava ishrana psa

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A dog needs to get from food not at all what a person needs. First of all, a pet needs balance and stability from food – this is the only way he will receive useful substances, avoiding digestive troubles.

Food from the owner’s table is not able to provide the dog with the right ratio of nutrients. It is replete with fats and contains insufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, and so on. Moreover, it is not adapted to the digestion of an animal, which is twice as fast as ours.

The dog’s diet should be high-calorie and balanced in composition, it should be easy to digest. These requirements are met by industrial feed.

To whom exactly

Pokupiti napajanje for your pet should be based on his age, size and special needs. These may include: pregnancy and lactation conditions, a tendency to allergic reactions, sensitive digestion.

For example, for puppies Pedigree dry food for puppies All breeds from 2 months Complete feed with chicken. Suitable for adult dogs Dog Chow Adult Lamb & Rice For dogs of any breed over 1 year old. For pregnant and lactating dogs, the Mother & Babydog series from Royal Canin has been developed – Mini Starter, Medium Starter, Maxi Starter, Giant Starter. You can also look at Cesar, Hill’s, Acana, Darling, Happy dog, etc.

The right choice

According to a study by experts from the Banfield Veterinary Network, the average life expectancy of dogs has increased by 28% since the turn of the century. Progress is associated with the fact that in the world more and more dogs eat ready-made diets.

Other studies, as well as the accumulated experience of responsible owners, show that dry food reduces the risk of periodontitis, plaque and calculus, and generally improves oral health. In turn, wet diets significantly reduce the likelihood of diseases of the urinary system, prevent pet obesity. And the optimal diet is considered just combination of dry and wet food.

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