Čime hraniti štene labradora?

Čime hraniti štene labradora?

Čime hraniti štene labradora?

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It is quite clear that a Labrador is a dog. Therefore, the owner should not have any difficulties with the choice of diet. It is enough to make sure that the selected food is appropriate for the age of the pet; this is easy to do, as detailed information is indicated on the packaging.

The same is true for dog size: there are diets for small, medium and large breeds. The characteristics of the animal must also be taken into account; in particular, food is produced for pets that have been sterilized or have certain health problems.

Breed is not a determining factor when choosing food. And you can feed a growing Labrador with food designed for puppies in general.

It is also an option

However, a number of manufacturers still offer consumers food for specific breeds, additionally ranking diets by age. So, dry food Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Junior is designed for Labrador puppies.

It takes into account such characteristic features of the breed as gentle digestion and a tendency to be overweight. For example, prebiotics are responsible for the balance of the intestinal microflora, and special proteins are responsible for the stable absorption of food. Calcium in the required amount is needed for healthy skeletal development, antioxidants for immunity, fatty acids for skin and coat.

By and large, the same can be said about the universal puppy food, which is suitable for all breeds. So the purchase of a specialized diet is not a mandatory recommendation for the owners of young Labradors.

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