Kako hraniti psa sa osjetljivom probavom?

Kako hraniti psa sa osjetljivom probavom?

Kako hraniti psa sa osjetljivom probavom?


The main signs of a gastrointestinal disorder are irregular stools, mushy stools, and increased gas formation. When they appear, it is necessary to show the animal to a specialist. The veterinarian will identify the causes of the disease and prescribe treatment for the dog. If it is established that the animal has sensitive digestion, special diets are prescribed. Such feeds are able to quickly establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).

Special feed

A distinctive feature of diets for dogs with sensitive digestion is the presence of several special-purpose components in the composition: prebiotics, unsaturated fatty acids, ingredients with increased digestibility.

Prebiotics improve the intestinal microflora, unsaturated fatty acids relieve inflammation, easily digestible ingredients saturate the dog’s body with nutrients without irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Rice is often included in foods formulated for dogs with digestive discomfort: it is quickly digested and provides the body with carbohydrates. Otherwise, these diets are no different from regular food and contain all the vitamins and minerals a dog needs.

The doctor will tell

There are many specialized foods for dogs with sensitive digestion on the market. Appropriate diets are available in the lines of brands Royal Canin, Eukaniba, Hills.

You can choose both a universal offer and food according to the size, age and breed of your pet. For example, in the Royal Canin line, Mini Digestive Care is designed for small dogs, and Maxi Digestive Care is for large breeds. However, it is impossible to independently determine the diet for a dog with digestive problems. It is necessary to show the pet to a specialist and get competent advice.

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