Uže za pse. Kako odabrati?
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Uže za pse. Kako odabrati?

A rope for dogs is a fairly versatile toy. It can be used both outdoors and at home. At the same time, such entertainment performs three functions at once:

  • The bashing of the rope imitates the process of hunting and fighting with prey. This spurs the pet’s interest in the toy and develops its hunting instincts;

  • The rope can act as a training apparatus for sports disciplines such as springpol, weight pooling, as well as in fetching – it is convenient to throw it;

  • Finally, the rope perfectly cleans the pet’s teeth and rids them of plaque.

The benefit of the rope is obvious. But it is worth remembering that it is undesirable to use it in games with a puppy under one year old, until his teeth have changed and the jaws and bite have not formed. Otherwise, these processes may be disrupted.

Šta da tražim?

  • As a rule, ropes are made from natural materials. Most often these are cotton fabrics, but there are also jute and fleece products;

  • Some manufacturers offer ropes with additional details: rubber and rubber inserts, balls, rings, rollers or washers. Such toys even better clean the teeth and massage the gums;

  • When choosing a rope, you should not focus on the price of the product. The main thing is the safety of the materials from which it is made. This is especially true for toys with rubber parts;

  • Purchase a rope based on the size of your dog. If you have a large pet, it is advisable to opt for a long toy. This way you protect yourself. The fact is that during the game, an enthusiastic dog can inadvertently bite the owner’s hand located close;

  • If the pet is elderly, choose a toy with caution, look at the condition of his teeth. Softer ropes may be suitable for such a dog, which will not injure his jaws;

  • Keep an eye on the condition of the rope, especially if it is made of thin threads. Over time, the dog will probably unravel it, and then it can swallow the threads, and in the worst case, choke;

  • Some manufacturers offer scented dog ropes, either vanilla or mint. It is believed that the smell should attract the attention of the pet, as well as freshen his breath. But you should not choose products with a sharp aroma – they are more likely to scare the dog away;

  • Rope should be washed periodically in warm soapy water. It is easiest to keep cotton toys clean.

If you have enough time and desire, you can make a dog rope yourself. It is better to use old cotton or linen items, as well as jeans that are not dyed. Some dog owners knit classic braids for their pets, but their weaving is not as strong as that of a round rope.

How to make a rope yourself?

  1. Cut the piece of fabric into four equal strips. The thicker and longer the strips, the larger the toy will turn out. If you have a miniature pet, it is enough to cut off thin ribbons 3–5 cm wide; if the dog is large, the width of the ribbon can be up to 10 cm;

  2. Tie all four ribbons with a regular knot. It is important to make the initial knot and the final one very strong, then the toy will not unravel. So pull them tighter;

  3. The weave of the ribbons should resemble a square, one strip passing under the other. Round cords are woven according to this pattern, and a visual guide can be found on numerous dog owner forums;

  4. A long rope can be tied in half or, for example, passed through a ball with a slot, and additional knots can be tied on it at the ends or along the entire length. This will make the toy easy to grip.

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