Kako odabrati pelene za pse?
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Kako odabrati pelene za pse?

Kako odabrati pelene za pse?

Why do you need dog diapers?

  • After surgery, when the pet moves with difficulty

    Very often, a weakened animal can not only go outside, but even control the process of urination. Of course, some dogs are accustomed to a tray or a diaper. But, if this is not the case, diapers for dogs will come to the rescue.

  • starost

    Older dogs often suffer from incontinence, which causes discomfort not only to the owners, but also to the animals themselves: they understand that this should not be done, and feel guilty. To avoid psychological trauma of the pet and keep the apartment clean, you can use diapers.

  • Traveling with a pet

    Not all dogs can go to the tray during travel and long journeys. In addition, they do not always have such an opportunity. A good alternative in this case would be a diaper.

  • vrućina

    A dog in heat can stain furniture and textiles in the house. Therefore, during heavy discharge, it is recommended to use diapers.

Buying them is quite simple – diapers are sold at any veterinary pharmacy or pet store. However, you should not immediately take the whole package – for starters, it is better to take 2-3 pieces for a sample.

It is important not only to accustom the dog to a diaper, but also to determine the size.

Diaper sizes:

  • Extra small – diapers for dogs of small breeds weighing from 1,5 to 4 kg. The smallest diapers will do yorkshire terriers, pomeranian spitz, toy terriers, chihuahua, etc.

  • Small are diapers for dogs weighing from 3 to 6 kg – for example, for pugs, pinscher, poodles, etc.

  • Medium are designed for larger animals weighing from 5 to 10 kg. These include french bulldogs, Jack Russell Terriers, etc.

  • Large is suitable for dogs weighing from 8 to 16 kg – for example, i’m sorry welsh corgi, etc.

  • Extra large are designed for pets weighing from 15 to 30 kg. They fit, for example, Border Collie, Clumber Spaniels, Huskies, etc.

  • Extra extra large are the largest diapers for large dogs weighing over 30 kg. These include shepherds, husky, Golden retriever, labrador and many others.

You can also make a diaper for a dog yourself from a baby diaper, for this you just need to cut a hole for the tail. If there is a lot of space left, the diaper can be reshaped a little, fitting it to the desired size.

How to teach a dog to a diaper?

If your pet wears clothes, diaper training is usually easy. Usually dogs react calmly to this hygiene product.

If such an accessory is a curiosity for a pet, then you will have to be patient. A restless dog will most likely try to take off this incomprehensible product at the first opportunity.

Šta da tražim?

  • While you put the diaper on the dog, distract him, talk to him, pet him;

  • After that, be sure to start an active and fun game in order to distract the pet from the new accessory;

  • A properly selected diaper does not cause discomfort to the dog, therefore, most likely, she will quickly get used to it;

  • Do not leave the diaper on immediately for several hours. Start with short periods of time – 10-15 minutes is enough for the first time;

  • Be sure to remove the diaper from the dog from time to time so that the pet’s skin can breathe. This is especially true in summer and in hot weather.

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