What to do if you find a dog with a collar?
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What to do if you find a dog with a collar?

The street is a real danger to pets. Even for dogs that walk regularly and seem to know the area around the house well. Pets face problems finding food, water and warmth when it comes to the cold season. In the conditions of the need to independently provide for all this, pets are absolutely helpless. Moreover, cars and pedestrians become especially dangerous for a dog on the street. A lost pet does not know how to behave properly on the road. What to do if you find a dog on the street?

Before taking the dog home

Determining that a pet is lost is quite simple: as a rule, the dog is looking for the owner in the crowd, she looks confused, and she tries to sniff around. In addition, if the animal has been lost for a long time, most likely, its coat will be dirty.

If you have found a pet dog, then the first thing to do is to decide if you are ready to take it to your overexposure. The search for owners can take several months, and during this time the animal needs to find housing. If there is no opportunity to overstay the animal, you should contact organizations that can do this: shelters, foundations, volunteer associations.

Identification marks

After the dog has calmed down and stopped being nervous, inspect it. You should not try to hug the dog and conduct an examination earlier – a stressed animal can bite you.

  1. Examine the collar. Perhaps there are records on the back of the strap or an address book with the owners’ contacts is attached.
  2. In the groin or on the ear of the dog, a brand may be stuffed – this is the code of the kennel where it was purchased. In this case, the search for owners is simplified: you need to contact this cattery and report the find.
  3. There is also a third identification mark – a chip that will identify the owner of the animal. Check with your veterinarian for availability.

It is always necessary to start looking for previous owners or a new family with a trip to the veterinarian. He will not only check the dog for the presence of a chip, but also examine it, determine its age and breed.

The doctor will also check the state of her health, the presence of infectious diseases.

Owner search algorithm:

  1. Take pictures of your dog from different angles. If she has distinctive features, do not immediately show them. So you protect yourself and the animal from scammers.
  2. Place ads on social networks, specialized forums and groups. Don’t forget to check out lost pet groups or areas where you found your dog. Perhaps there you will find an announcement about the loss of this particular dog.
  3. If the found pet has a stigma, call the kennel. You can find several breeders of this breed. Each litter is marked in a special way, so you can quickly identify the owners.
  4. Put up posters for the dog in the area where you found it and in neighboring areas. The bigger, the better. But be prepared for the fact that some of the ads will be torn down. Therefore, they need to be glued periodically.
  5. Indicate in contacts only an email address or a phone number – your choice. For security reasons, it’s best not to enter your home address.

Sigurnosne mjere

If you have found a dog, be especially careful when you get calls from potential owners. Often dogs are used by beggars, and purebred animals are resold. To check if the real owner of the animal contacted you, you can do the following:

  • Ask to send some photos of the pet;
  • Ask to name its distinguishing features;
  • Find out the dog’s name and see if the animal responds to it.

In some cases, finding the owner is not easy. And sometimes the owners themselves deliberately leave the pet to the mercy of fate, so it is so important not to pass by a defenseless animal that needs help so much.

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