Šetati psa na pogrešnom mjestu
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Šetati psa na pogrešnom mjestu

The problem of walking is most often faced by owners of large dogs. Small pets rarely cause negativity of others. With them, you can easily ride in public transport, including the subway, you can often even go to shops. It is believed that small dogs do not pose a danger to others. If the animal is large, then the owner has much more requirements. And the responsibility for walking dogs in the wrong place is much higher.

Dog walking area

In many cities there are areas where you can safely walk your pet:

  1. Walking with a dog without ammunition (a muzzle and a leash) is allowed only on dog grounds, that is, in specially designated places. Unfortunately, many owners are faced with the problem of a shortage of such sites. Even million-plus cities cannot boast of a large number of such territories.

  2. Often, areas where you can walk freely with your pet are marked with a special sign. Such places are determined by local governments.

It is important to remember that it is strictly forbidden to walk a pet on the territory of playgrounds, kindergartens, schools, near apartment buildings, hospitals, hospitals and any other medical institutions.

The list of prohibited places also includes cultural and sports institutions, as well as places with a large number of people. But there is an exception – parks. You can walk with your pets there.

By the way, in our mobile application Petstory.ru (you can download it from the links: Prodavnica aplikacija, Google Play) there is a map of all pet-friendly places in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Tula and Yaroslavl.

Dog walking rules today

As for the general Russian rules for walking, at the moment they do not exist. Individual cases may be regulated by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – for example, if a dog harmed an outsider. Otherwise, regional regulations apply. So, for example, according to the Moscow Code of Administrative Offenses, the owner faces a fine for walking dogs in the wrong place (up to two thousand rubles). The same amount will be recovered from him if he entered the natural areas of the city with his pet without a leash.

In the northern capital, the rules for walking dogs are regulated by the law “On Administrative Offenses in St. Petersburg”. According to this document, being on the street, the owner must always keep the pet on a leash. And for large animals (above 40 cm at the withers) a muzzle must be worn.

The same law does not allow children under the age of 14 to walk with pets. Otherwise, the owner of the animal will face a fine of up to five thousand rubles. A little less, three thousand rubles, can be recovered from the owner, who left the pet alone, unattended. By the way, in St. Petersburg it is forbidden to walk more than two large dogs at the same time. For this, a fine of five thousand rubles is provided.

novi dokument

In early 2018, amendments were made to the draft Law on the Responsible Treatment of Animals. It will regulate pet ownership, including keeping and walking dogs. In fact, this document combines regional rules. From a fundamentally new one: this law will oblige dog owners to indicate their contacts on the pet’s collar – for example, on an address book or tag, or in any other conspicuous places.

After its adoption and entry into force, the punishment for walking dogs in the wrong place will also increase: a fine of up to 4 rubles for civilians, up to 000 rubles for officials and up to 50 rubles for legal entities. Moreover, the new law also provides for the confiscation of the animal as one of the penalties.

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