Kako šetati psa tokom estrusa?
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Kako šetati psa tokom estrusa?

Kako šetati psa tokom estrusa?

Estrus in a dog is a physiological process that indicates that the animal is sexually mature and capable of producing offspring. The first estrus usually passes at the age of 6-12 months, but sometimes it can begin earlier or later – it all depends on the individual characteristics of the pet. The frequency of estrus periods also depends on this. Some dogs have it twice a year, others once.

Duration and phases of estrus:

  • Forerunner (proestrus) – the first phase of estrus – lasts about a week. At this time, the dog’s behavior seriously changes, it becomes irritable, especially in relation to other bitches;

  • Sexual hunting (estrus) – This is the main period of estrus, which on average lasts from 4 to 12 days. In this phase, the dog is already ready for mating and demonstrates this with all his behavior. She becomes in a characteristic pose, arches her back, takes her tail to the side;

  • Metestrus – the third stage of estrus, at which the hormonal background of the dog is restored, the discharge disappears, and the behavior of the animal is normalized. It lasts from two to two and a half months;

  • Anestrus – this is a period of sexual dormancy, it lasts about 100-150 days.

Difficulties with walking arise in the first two stages of estrus. Usually the duration of this period is from 20 to 22 days. The dog is active at this time, leaves marks, it smells in a special way, and this, of course, attracts males.

How to walk a dog in heat?

  • Keep your dog outside on a leash at all times. Even pets that have never been misbehaving or disobedient become unpredictable during estrus;

  • Watch your pet, do not leave her alone;

  • Limit dog walking areas. If you walk in a common area, try to find another place for walking for a while or change your walking hours.

    This point most often worries the owners of males. Interrupted cages are of particular concern. After several such unsuccessful attempts, the dog may not be able to cope during the planned mating;

  • Watch out for stray dogs. The smell can attract unwanted street boyfriends who will haunt you for a long time. Moreover, some of these “suitors” are able to watch the bitch under the door of the apartment or near the house for a long time;

  • Be sure to warn dog owners that your dog is in heat. In many cases, this will help to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts;

  • Experienced owners advise taking the dog away from home so as not to provoke the neighbor’s males;

  • Be careful not to let your dog swim in water. During estrus, the loop is open, and the dog can easily pick up an infection.

The safety of walking during estrus lies entirely with the owner of the dog. The animal at this time, as a rule, is under the influence of the hormonal system and often ceases to obey the owner.

To make walking comfortable not only for your pet, but also for you, follow simple rules: avoid places where dogs gather and dog playgrounds. In some cases, you will even have to limit the time of walking, but in general this is a small sacrifice for the health and safety of the dog.

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