Kako napraviti kućicu za pse?
Njega i održavanje

Kako napraviti kućicu za pse?

Most of the booths are of simple construction, with a rectangular base and a cascading roof. There are also complex booths with several rooms and an abundance of partitions, but all these excesses will only complicate the life of the pet. What should be considered when building a house for a dog?

Oblik i veličina

The first thing to take care of is the shape of the future booth and its dimensions. The dimensions of the structure are especially important, since the dog should feel comfortable: calmly turn around, stand up to his full height and stretch indoors. The booth should not be cramped or too spacious. In winter, a large booth is more difficult to warm up, which is fraught with frequent pet diseases.

Kako odrediti veličinu?

  • Length = length of the dog from nose to tip of tail + 5-7 cm;

  • The width should be approximately equal to the length of the booth;

  • The height is also approximately equal to the length, but not less than the height of the dog + 5 cm;

  • opening width = dog chest width + 5 cm;

  • The height of the opening = the height of the dog at the withers + 5 cm.

Having decided on the size of the booth, you can begin to draw up an approximate design.

On the one hand, the house must be insulated, on the other hand, we ventilate well. Both of these conditions are met in the variant of the booth with a vestibule. The main sleeping place is made warm, it is intended for winter. The vestibule is left without insulation – this is a kind of passage where the dog can rest in the summer from the heat and sun.

The length of such a “two-room” building is twice as long as a simple version with one room. The main entrance to the booth is made from the side of the cold room. And the entrance to its insulated part should be from the back wall.

Please note: when designing a booth, it is important to think over its bottom. It should not stand on the ground, as the floor can quickly rot. You will need to make supports or legs for the entire structure.


As a rule, the booth is made of wood. This is an environmentally friendly material that will last for many years. As a heater (and it is necessary in the climate of central Russia), felt, polystyrene or mineral wool is suitable. Insulation can be used for walls, floors and even roofs.

When making a booth, it is worth observing safety precautions: all nails must be well planted inside so that the dog cannot damage its paw on a protruding hat.

In addition, it is better to sheathe the walls inside the booth with materials that the pet’s claws will not cling to (for example, plywood or chipboard).


When making a booth, you should immediately decide what shape the roof will be: flat or gable. The advantage of the first is that in warm weather the dog can lie on the booth, basking in the sun. Remember to set the roof at a slight angle to allow water to run off in rainy weather. In addition, it must be strong and reliable enough to withstand the snow and the weight of the pet.

A great option is a removable roof that makes it easy to clean and disinfect the booth.

Nalog za montažu

First, the floor is laid and the main frame of the booth is assembled. Then a removable roof is constructed, the walls are sheathed and insulated. The last step is to install the roof on the booth.

After making the booth, think about the little things. For example, the entrance can be curtained with a thick cloth like a tarpaulin. In the summer it will protect the booth from the heat, and in the cold season it will not let rain, snow and wind through.

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