Povodac za šetnju dva psa
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Povodac za šetnju dva psa

It is not easy for one person to walk two dogs, especially if the pets do not know the commands and are trying to pull the leash each on themselves. A special leash for two dogs will help to discipline them and facilitate the process of walking. What he really is?


The simplest version of a leash for two dogs is a spark (it is also called a bundle). It is made of different materials (leather, nylon, chain) and is a bifurcated leash with carabiners attached to the ends. They are connected by a ring, on which the main strap is fastened.

As a rule, manufacturers offer several sizes of sash. Choose a leash depending on the parameters of the pets and their temperament: the larger the dog, the longer it should be.

True, walking dogs well on a spark is quite difficult: it is too short for this. But such a leash is perfect for exhibition events and short walks in public places.

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This type of leash is a belt with rings along the entire length, carabiners are attached to its two ends. The re-stitched leash was created specifically for training, because the owner can adjust the length of the accessory. However, the re-fastening is often used by owners of two dogs for a walk: one pet is fastened to one end of the belt, the other to the second.

When choosing a stitch, you should focus not only on the size and length of the leash, but also on the materials from which it is made. Leather models are more expensive than analogues made of synthetic fabrics. In addition, it is important to evaluate the quality of the manufacturing of rings and fasteners of carabiners so that the product lasts a long time.


One of the latest inventions in the pet market is the leash for two dogs. So far, such an accessory is not very popular in Russia and is rarely found on sale.

The leash-roulette can withstand the weight of each dog up to 22 kg. Manufacturers claim that the main thing in the design is the rotation system, which does not allow the straps to get tangled. It is also convenient that the straps are made in different colors that correspond to the roulette buttons. This allows the owner to navigate the mechanism, but requires a quick reaction and skill from him in order to press the desired stopper in time.

Who needs a leash for walking two dogs?

There is no consensus among dog owners about double leashes. Many recognize that such an accessory is suitable for animals that are similar in temperament, phlegmatic, calm for a walk. It is worth considering the complexion of pets. So, on one leash it is unlikely to be able to keep a beagle and a chihuahua.

However, a double leash will be a handy accessory if you need to calmly walk to the walking area.

Who needs a leash for walking two dogs?

  • It is recommended to walk an adult dog and a puppy separately. Toddlers learn very quickly and repeat the behavior of older comrades. If an adult dog has bad habits, the puppy will definitely adopt them;

  • A puppy and an adult dog understand that they are a pack and a family. Accordingly, pets begin to behave less friendly with other dogs on the street. And acquaintance and full communication with other animals is extremely necessary for a puppy. This is an important part of socialization, the improper implementation of which can turn into problems for both the dog and its owner;

  • Only well-mannered and obedient dogs can be let off the leash. Remember that free walking of animals is allowed only in strictly designated places;

  • If you are not sure that you can keep the dogs, it is better not to risk it and walk with your pets on different leashes or even separately.

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