Kako pravilno oprati psa?
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Kako pravilno oprati psa?

Kako pravilno oprati psa?

Koliko često kupati psa

  • In the conditions of the city, the dog should be washed often – once every 1-2 weeks, since both in the air and on the ground there are a lot of different substances that pollute the animal’s coat.
  • Outside the city, where the dog brings only sand and plant debris, and is cleaned naturally, you can limit yourself to combing and washing every 2-3 months.
  • Of course, hair care for representatives of different breeds is significantly different. So, long-haired individuals, especially light colors, require more frequent and thorough care, and short-haired individuals will feel comfortable bathing once a quarter.

What tools should be used

For care, it is recommended to use special cosmetics for dogs. Other products can harm your pet’s health and lead to skin problems.

Shampoos designed for the level of human acidity are dangerous: they greatly dry out the already thin skin of a pet.

Dog skin is different from human skin: it is thinner and has a different level of acidity. Therefore, shampoos designed for the level of human acidity are dangerous: they greatly dry the already thin skin of a pet. The choice of remedy also depends on the type of skin and coat of your pet. Currently, there are a huge number of varieties of shampoos: for short, long, curly, straight, white, black hair, for sensitive skin, for puppies and so on. The brands Francodex, Iv San Bernard, Beaphar, Perfect Coat, Bio Groom have extended shampoo lines.

There are also leave-in shampoos in the form of a spray or powder. They are convenient if you do not have the opportunity to bathe your pet. It is also recommended to use such products for dogs that cannot tolerate the washing procedure. Dry shampoos are available from Biogance, Pet Head, Beaphar, Espree.

How to properly wash your dog

  1. Place a rubber mat in the tub or shower to keep your dog’s feet from slipping and make it more comfortable for him to stand;
  2. Bathing water should be warm, comfortable for your hand. Otherwise, hypothermia or burns to the pet’s skin are possible. If the dog is uncomfortable, he will begin to tremble or even whine;
  3. You have to be very gentle with your dog. It is better to start from the back of the pet, then move on to the paws and stomach. The head should be washed last: you need to make sure that the shampoo and water do not flow into the eyes and ears. If washing your dog’s face makes your dog feel uncomfortable, try using products that don’t irritate the eyes. Shampoos “without tears” are, for example, Perfect Coat and Pet Head;
  4. It is recommended to lather the dog two or three times, rinse thoroughly, and then rinse the coat with conditioner so that it is easier to comb and shiny;
  5. After a shower, you need to thoroughly wipe the pet, paying special attention to the ears;
  6. It is important to make sure that the apartment is warm enough and free of drafts, as a wet dog can easily catch a cold;
  7. If the dog’s coat is prone to tangling, it should be combed before washing, and then dried with a hairdryer. As with water, it is important that the air is not too hot.

How to brush your dog properly

Combing the coat is necessary with a special brush that matches the length of your dog’s coat. Dogs with short or coarse coats should only be brushed in the direction of their growth. Dogs with long hair – first against and then in the direction of hair growth. In order to avoid tangles in the coat of long-haired dogs, it is better to comb it immediately before washing. If your pet sheds a lot, it makes sense to get a furminator. It effectively removes dead hairs and does not damage the rest.

Važne preporuke

The washing procedure should not be associated in the dog with fear, pain or other negative emotions. Therefore, if you see that your pet is afraid, give him a treat, pet him, talk calmly and encouragingly with him.

Do not use a hair dryer if the dog is afraid of it. This can negatively affect her attitude towards the whole washing procedure, and then it will be very difficult to get her to take a bath.

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