Kako pravilno brinuti o psu?
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Kako pravilno brinuti o psu?

Kako pravilno brinuti o psu?

The appearance of a dog in the house is a responsible step that begins with preparation. The puppy needs a personal space to play, as well as a place where he will eat and rest. Also, think about safety: wires, furniture, corners – all of these are of interest to the puppy.

Having prepared the apartment for the appearance of a pet, the future owner should take care of the main thing – care. The basis of this process is feeding, walking, veterinary control and hygiene, as well as training. Let’s consider each aspect in more detail.


The biggest mistake most dog owners make is feeding homemade food. It is even worse when a pet is treated with delicacies that a person considers tasty: sugar, chocolate, sausage. The best food for an animal is specialized food and treats. And to them the dog should be accustomed from childhood.


You need to walk the dog twice a day, at least in the morning and in the evening, especially when it comes to large breeds. In connection with the developed muscles, they need a lot of physical activity, which means that walks should be longer. Small dogs, on the contrary, do not require many hours of walking. Usually after 5-10 minutes they themselves ask to go home.


Every dog ​​should know the “fu” and “come” commands, which are often used in everyday life. You can train a dog both independently and with the help of a specialist. Of course, if you do not have training experience, it is better to immediately contact a professional. Especially when it comes to large dogs.

Veterinary control and hygiene

In addition to a balanced diet and physical activity, a dog’s health also depends on a timely visit to the veterinarian. The animal needs a veterinary passport, in which all vaccinations must be noted. In addition, it is recommended to visit the clinic once every six months for a scheduled examination.

Hygienic procedures are important in caring for a dog. This is, first of all, bathing, combing and caring for the pet’s claws and teeth.

Dog hygiene rules

  • Njega kose. If your dog is a long-haired breed, brush it every two to three days with a special comb. Short-haired dogs can be brushed once a week during the shedding period and two to three times a month between them. When combing a pet, pay attention to the condition of the skin. If you notice redness or growths, call your doctor.

  • Another point in hair care –bathing the dog. It is recommended to do this as needed. Purchase a dog shampoo, as other products can cause irritation and an allergic reaction.

  • Care of teeth. Caring for a dog’s teeth involves regular brushing with a special toothpaste. Also help get rid of plaque and solid treats for animals.

  • Care of claws. Particular attention should be paid to the claws of a pet, especially if you are the owner of a decorative breed or a dwarf dog, in which they grow quickly. It is advisable to cut the nails by a specialist, since this is a rather traumatic process.

Caring for a dog is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Attentiveness, patience and love for the pet are your main assistants in this matter.

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