Šta je kanizoterapija?
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Šta je kanizoterapija?

Šta je kanizoterapija?

Dogs are not in vain called the best friends of people: they are very sensitive and attentive, loyal and kind. It is thanks to these qualities that dogs have a beneficial effect on people and help them in difficult situations.

What is treated with dogs?

  • First of all, canistherapy is used in the rehabilitation of children with developmental disabilities – with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, etc.
  • Dogs also help people with mental disorders, alcohol and drug addicts.
  • Such therapists play a large role in nursing homes.
Šta je kanizoterapija?

How does canistherapy work?

Rehabilitation programs involving dogs are developed by qualified specialists: psychologists, psychotherapists, neurologists, speech therapists, canine therapists. Dogs undergo special training for several years. The main effect of the treatment is achieved through the interaction of patients with dogs. Joint games, tactile sensations, development of motor skills during pet care – all this plays an important role in therapy. In addition, it is easier for people to perform various tasks when a dog is nearby.

Šta je kanizoterapija?

Thanks to canistherapy, it becomes easier for people to interact with the outside world, they develop social skills, anxiety and worry disappear, motivation for life and recovery appears, and self-esteem increases.

Which dogs can become therapists?

Actually, any. There are no breed restrictions. It is only important that the dog be contact, easy to train, calm and non-aggressive. All dogs are tested before they are trained to be therapists. After training, they must pass an exam, receive a certificate, and only after that they can be used in canistherapy.

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