Kako distribuirati štence?
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Kako distribuirati štence?

Kako distribuirati štence?

Most often, the task of distributing puppies as quickly as possible arises for owners of animals without a breed. Situations are different, but there is no need to despair. As practice shows, with a well-written ad, the owners are found quickly enough.

If the puppies have a mother:

  • In such cases, special attention should be paid to the weaning process. It begins at the age of one and a half months, when the teeth erupt in babies. It is not necessary to suddenly take away all the puppies from the mother at once, this should be done gradually, taking one after another every 2-4 days;

  • Lactation on average lasts up to two months, so the owner must monitor the condition of the dog and help stop this process. When all the puppies are weaned, it is advisable not to feed the bitch for a day, then due to the lack of nutrients in her diet, the amount of milk will drop sharply. It is important not to let the dog lick the nipples, especially not to try to express milk – this stimulates the process of getting a new one.

If puppies were found on the street:

If you find abandoned puppies, the first thing to do is to take them to the veterinarian. The specialist will help determine the age and determine the state of health. Unfortunately, not all found dogs are completely healthy and capable of independent living. Therefore, in such a situation, you should decide whether you are ready to allocate time and funds for nursing puppies. If not, contact an animal shelter, charity or volunteers.

When the puppies grow up and get stronger, you can think about finding a new home for them.

How to attract the attention of future owners?

A well-written announcement of the distribution of puppies will help you quickly find good hands for the kids. To maximize the effect of it, follow these simple recommendations:

  1. Take beautiful, high-quality photos – this is one of the most important points. Do not photograph dogs in a poorly lit room, do not expose hazy and dark images. Take your photo session in a well-lit area;

  2. It is better to take a couple of photos of each puppy when he is playing or sleeping so that he can be seen from different angles;

  3. For photographs, use a neutral background, without furniture, batteries or carpet, nothing should distract attention from the animal;

  4. In social networks, you can publish an ad not only with photos, but also with videos. If you or someone you know can mount a cute video sequence with pleasant music, do not miss this opportunity;

  5. Be sure to indicate the sex of the dogs, as well as the approximate age;

  6. Tell the story of the puppies, do not be silent about their origin;

  7. Describe the dogs, their character, focus on positive qualities. For example, you can write: “Easily gets along with other animals, friendly, affectionate, active, loves to eat and sleep”;

  8. Do not forget to indicate important skills if the pet is accustomed to a diaper or knows commands;

  9. If the puppy has diseases, write about them honestly in order to avoid unpleasant situations in the future;

  10. If the dog is unbreeded, check with your veterinarian about the size of the animal as an adult. This is also worth mentioning in the ad;

  11. Write in simple language, without complex ornate sentences. Do not abuse diminutive words, parentheses and emoticons;

  12. Be sure to include contact details, preferably two phone numbers where you can be contacted.

When you have taken good photos, written a simple and understandable text, it’s time to publish your ad. And here another question arises.

Where to place an ad?

  1. The fastest and most reliable resource today is social networks. Post a post on your page, ask your friends to repost. In addition, there are many thematic groups dedicated to the search for a four-legged friend – send an ad to them too;

  2. You can also post an ad on various thematic forums;

  3. A proven way is to place ads near veterinary clinics and pharmacies. Print out multiple copies with your contact phone number and post them on bulletin boards.

When you are contacted by those wishing to pick up a puppy, it is better not to promise them immediately that you will give the dog away. Arrange a meeting so that they can get to know the puppies, and you can evaluate whether you are ready to give the baby to these people. Communicate personally with each potential owner, pay attention to the psycho-emotional state and behavior. In dealing with a puppy, the future owner should be affectionate, neat and careful, and in conversation – a calm and balanced person who is ready to take responsibility for the pet. If something confuses you, it is better to postpone the transfer of the dog to a person who does not inspire confidence in you.

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