Zašto pas skoči na osobu (i kako ga natjerati da stane)

Zašto pas skoči na osobu (i kako ga natjerati da stane)

Why does a dog jump on people

In fact, there is only one reason why a dog stands on its hind legs and puts its front paws on the owner’s shoulders – this is a thirst for attention. But the very attempts to establish close contact with the owner can be caused by different factors. So, here is a list of the main reasons that prompt a dog to jump on a person.


A frightened dog is looking for support, and possibly protection from the owner. Sometimes the jump is “performed” in the presence of strangers in order to restore a sense of self-confidence, as well as to demonstrate to strangers oneness with a person.

Excitement and desire to throw out emotions

The joy of a long-awaited walk, an overabundance of feelings from a new toy received, a cat sitting in the hands of the owner – all this, in the dog’s understanding, is a well-founded reason to start jumping around a person, raising a voice if possible. To determine whether the dog is nervous during such actions or rejoices, you can by the movements of the tail. In the first case, only the tip is actively moving, and the tail itself will be kept noticeably below the level of the back.


To meet the owner who has returned from work with a barking bark and a sudden attack is a sacred thing. Do not forget that in the dog world it is customary to greet and get acquainted by sniffing. But since a person’s face is almost always outside the pet’s reach, the classic high jump helps to correct the situation. How to wean a dog to jump at a meeting, we will tell below.

Unspent energy

The lack of physical activity provokes the dog to dump energy ballast in all available ways. If the pet walks a little and unproductively, be prepared for such attacks. Bored individuals do the same, and in the absence of a person nearby, jumps on furniture and walls are possible.

Hey, let’s play!

How to wean a dog from jumping: 6 ways that work

Often we ourselves provoke animals to the wrong actions, touched by the amusing jumps of the puppy. As the dog gets older, this activity is no longer fun. Especially if you are wearing expensive clothes, and a 40-pound pet has just run through a muddy puddle. Therefore, in order not to lose the dog’s trust and not pay for re-education with nerves and soiled things, dot the i’s even as a puppy.

And, please, without indulgence, because it’s elementary “sorry for the baby.” Small indulgences do not work, but disorientate and confuse the dog. Act in concert. If the animal lives in a family, every household member will have to ban “hugs”. Otherwise, the dog will simply get confused and stop understanding what is required of it. Get in the habit of petting your puppy when it is firmly on the ground on all fours. If the baby tries to put his front paws on your lap, calmly remove them and move away.

Reduce the degree of response emotions

The more equal you treat the dog, the more restrained he will behave – an old, well-known, but still working rule. Do not hug or kiss the animal when you meet. Keep calm. You don’t need to grumble and get angry either – dogs perfectly read negative emotions, but they don’t always understand why they deserve disapproval.

Deal with irritants

The advice is relevant for the owners who got not the most courageous pet, constantly running for support when they see strangers. To make your puppy less likely to jump on you for approval, keep his contact with other people to a minimum. For example, take the dog to the back room before guests arrive; walk in places where you are less likely to meet strangers.

Manevar koji ometa

A recommendation from Western dog handlers on how to wean a dog from jumping on people: keep your dog’s favorite treats on hand so that every time he decides to jump on you, quickly switch his attention to food. Ask guests to do the same with whom the pet behaves in a similar way. While the dog is passionate about the treat, people will be able to calmly go into the apartment and settle down. Gradually, the animal will lose the habit of reacting violently to the appearance of people, provided that they behave seriously and do not encourage the behavior of the puppy with encouraging phrases and affection.

prebacite pažnju

A method that works exclusively on obedient, commanding dogs. Prevent your pet from jumping with the order “Sit!” or “Wait!”. After completing, be sure to reward the “tail” with a caress or a treat.

Play ahead

Intercept the front legs of the dog in a jump, forcing the animal to balance on its hind legs. This method is called “vices”. Then moderately squeeze the paws in your hands, creating uncomfortable conditions for the pet, and give a prohibitive command. Practice moderation. Pulling by the paws, lifting the dog into the air, is strictly prohibited, since due to the peculiarities of the anatomy of the animal, this leads to injuries.

Educational neglect

How to wean a dog to jump on the owner without commands and treats? Just show that you are indifferent to such greetings. For example, when your pet jumps, cross your arms over your chest and turn away sharply. Thus, the dog will have to “hug” the void and think about what exactly the owner does not like. Caution: This technique works on young adult dogs and is ineffective on puppies.

Sometimes there are tips from “experienced” dog owners who recommend raising an animal with sedatives and a strict collar (parfors). But these are extremes, which are forbidden to resort to without consulting a veterinarian and a dog handler. It is strongly not recommended to purchase Parfors if you are not going to take the ZKS course with your pet.

But sharply pulling the leash on a walk, when the puppy is trying to jump on a passerby, is quite useful. The second forbidden technique is to throw the dog to the ground after the jump, pressing down with its own weight, thereby demonstrating its alpha status. The ward will regard such behavior as aggression or an attempt to humiliate, but will never guess that this is an educational moment.

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