Snowshoe cat
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Snowshoe cat

Snowshoe is a breed that has collected all possible positive qualities, a true ideal of a domestic cat.

Characteristics of Snowshoe cat

Zemlja porijeklaSAD
Vrsta vuneKratka kosa
visina27–30 cm
Težina2.5–6 kg
starost9-15 godina
Snowshoe cat Characteristics

Snowshoe cat Basic moments

  • Snowshoe – “snow shoe”, as the name of this amazing and rare cat breed in our country is translated.
  • Animals have a playful, friendly disposition, are very smart and show good training abilities.
  • Snowshoes have an almost dog-like attachment to their owner and are able to subtly feel the psychological state of a person.
  • “Shoe” is extremely negative about loneliness. If you have been away from home for a long time, prepare to listen to your pet when you arrive. He will tell you for a long, long time how sad and lonely he was. Snowshoe’s voice is quiet and soft, so you will even be pleased to communicate with a cat.
  • Snowshoe will ideally get along with all household members – both people and animals.
  • The animal is in excellent contact with children. You can be calm – the cat will not even think of scratching or biting. The “shoe” will not avenge the offense, because it is not at all vindictive. However, it is unlikely that someone will come to mind to offend this miracle.
  • “Whitefoot” is very smart. Getting to the right place, even if the door is closed on the heck, is not a problem.
  • Connoisseurs of the breed are pleased to note the good health of these animals. They are unpretentious, and it is not at all difficult to keep them. The only negative is the difficulty of breeding. Getting the perfect snowshoe is not easy. Only experienced breeders can solve this problem, and even among them, getting the “right” kittens is regarded as a great success.

Snowshoe is a dream cat. All the best that you know about the mind, character and behavior of fluffy pets is embodied in this breed. And vice versa, everything negative that can be said about cats is completely absent in snowshoe. A more spectacular, graceful, intelligent, active and at the same time absolutely not arrogant and not vindictive pet than snowshoe is simply not to be found. The amazing breed is still very rare in our area, but its popularity is constantly growing.

The history of the snowshoe breed

krplja za snijeg
krplja za snijeg

Snowshoe is a young breed. She owes her appearance to the observation that Dorothy Hinds-Doherty, an American breeder of Siamese cats, showed in the late 50s. The woman drew attention to the unusual color of kittens born to a pair of ordinary Siamese . The original white spots and well-defined “socks” on the paws looked so interesting that Dorothy decided to fix the unusual effect. To do this, she brought the Siamese cat with the American Shorthair Bicolor – the result was not very convincing, and it was possible to improve it only after representatives of the Siamese breed were again attracted for breeding work .

Snowshoe’s path to recognition was not strewn with rose petals. The first “snow shoes” were not recognized by felinologists, and a disappointed Daugherty refused to breed these animals. The baton was picked up by another American – Vicki Olander. It was thanks to her efforts that the first breed standard was created, and in 1974 the American Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers Association granted Snowshoe the status of an experimental breed. In 1982, animals were allowed to participate in exhibitions. The popularity of “shoes” has grown significantly. The adoption in 1986 of the British cat breeding program can be considered an obvious success.

Unfortunately, this breed cannot boast of high prevalence today. It is very difficult to bring out an ideal “snow shoe” that would fully comply with the accepted standard – there is too much randomness, so real enthusiasts are engaged in snowshoe breeding, the number of which is not so large.

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Snowshoe Cat VS. Siamese Cat

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