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Other names: skokum , dwarf laperm

The Skookum is a very rare and young cat breed that was created by crossing the Munchkin and the LaPerm.

Characteristics of Skookum

Zemlja porijeklaSAD
Vrsta vuneKratkodlaka, dugodlaka
visina15 cm
Težina1.5–3.2 kg
starost12-16 godina
Skookum Characteristics

Kratke informacije

  • Friendly and funny cats;
  • Unusual appearance.

skookum is a breed of dwarf cats with curly hair, a dense physique and short but strong legs. By nature they are very playful and loving. At the moment, skukum cats are expensive and rare, you can buy them only in catteries in Europe and the USA.


Skookum breed was created relatively recently. A Washington State breeder decided more than two decades ago to cross a Munchkin and a LaPerm to produce a new breed of small size with a curly coat. The breeder even came up with a name for her in advance – Roso Chino. However, this phrase, which in the Mexican dialect meant “curly and small”, in classical Spanish has a different meaning – “a little Chinese.” Therefore, the breeder refused such a name.

In order to name a new breed, the breeder went through a lot of words and phrases from the language of the indigenous population of America – the Indians. Most of all, he liked the word “skookum”, which translates as “strong, brave, unbending.”

Skookum was recognized in 2006 as an experimental breed.


  • Color: Can be anything.
  • Coat: Curly, especially collar. There are both long-haired and short-haired individuals.
  • Tail: long, medium thickness, curly.
  • Ears: can be large or small.
  • Nose: Medium in size.
  • Eyes: not distinguished by size.

Skookum Behavioral features

The nature of skookums can be described by looking at their appearance. In this breed, as they say, the internal content corresponds to the appearance. How cute and fluffy they look, just as these characteristics correspond to their character.

From his closest relatives – munchkins – skookum adopted playfulness and love of love. These are very affectionate cats. Skukums quickly become attached to the owner, they are infinitely loyal animals. By nature, they are curious and cheerful. Skookums are ready to poke their cute nose into all the cracks, so you need to be prepared for the fact that things dear to the owners may suffer from their curiosity – it is better to put them in places inaccessible to the animal.

Representatives of this breed are mobile, energetic and nimble. They often jump on beds, chairs, chests of drawers. They love to run around the apartment. The best toy for skookums is something that moves and can be driven around.

Cats of this breed are unusually silent. You can rarely hear them purr. You can be sure that in the absence of the owners, they will not disturb the neighbors with screams.

Zdravlje i njega

Skookums do not require special care. However, you should pay attention to the condition of the coat – it is advisable to thoroughly wash it with shampoo, not often, but as it gets dirty. After bathing, it is important to thoroughly dry the cat. To make the coat airy and lush, from time to time skukuma can be sprinkled with water. But the collar requires special care. It needs to be combed regularly so that it does not stray into tangles.

In terms of nutrition, representatives of the breed are also unpretentious. Skookums do not need to build any special diet. If the diet is balanced, these cats will not cause much trouble to the owners.


Since there are still very few representatives of the breed, prices for kittens are very high. In addition, in order to buy a kitten, you will have to go to the USA for it, which will greatly affect its value.

Skookum – Video

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