Pravila za njegu dugodlakih pasmina pasa
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Pravila za njegu dugodlakih pasmina pasa

Pravila za njegu dugodlakih pasmina pasa

First of all, you need to understand that grooming is not a one-time action, but a whole range of actions that will have to be repeated regularly throughout the life of the dog. And it is necessary to accustom the animal to hair care from a very early age.


The basis of the basics in hair care is combing. It is best to scratch your pet every day, then he will always have a neat look, and you can spend 10 to 20 minutes (depending on the volume of your pet) to avoid such trouble as tangles. Tangles are formed when the coat is tangled and most often appear behind the ears, in the groin and under the elbows, causing severe discomfort to the dog.

Pravila za njegu dugodlakih pasmina pasa

In order for hair care to be a joy for both the owner and the dog, it is worth purchasing high-quality combs. About what is more convenient to scratch a dog, it is best to ask the breeder or on breed forums. But the general rule is that the comb should be with rounded tips so as not to scratch delicate skin.

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The frequency of washing depends primarily on the breed of the dog and the type of coat. If the Yorkie needs to be washed once a week, then the Caucasian Shepherd Dog can get by with a full wash only as it becomes heavily soiled. However, in any case, it is necessary to regularly wash the paws and stomach of the dogs after walking, especially in slushy and rainy weather.

For washing, you need to purchase special cosmetics that are suitable for your pet. And best of all, it should be a shampoo and balm for professional grooming. Despite the fact that such cosmetics are usually more expensive, they are more economical and last for a long time. Before bathing your dog with a new product, be sure to test for allergic reactions so as not to harm the animal. And after washing, the dog must be dried with a hairdryer, actively combing the coat. 

Pravila za njegu dugodlakih pasmina pasa


Some long-haired breeds need regular grooming. To do this, it is best to take the dog to a professional groomer, having first familiarized himself with his work. This way you will get a perfectly trimmed dog and avoid the disappointment of an inept haircut. 

Of course, it will be cheaper to learn how to cut the dog yourself, but this will take time, as well as quite tangible costs for a clipper and scissors.

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