Kako pravilno oprati šape psa?
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Kako pravilno oprati šape psa?

First of all, experts advise choosing the right detergent. There are now a wide range of specialty shampoos on the shelves of pet stores: for example, based on tar, which kills parasites, or antibacterial with chlorhexidine. For sensitive dogs, you can choose a hypoallergenic shampoo, and an oily stain remover can handle heavy dirt. 

Experts emphasize that it is necessary to wash the dog’s paws in cool water, especially in winter, so that the pads do not crack due to temperature changes. To thoroughly remove dirt and reagents, you need to use a sponge. In this case, the front paws should be washed first, and then the hind legs. In the process, it is necessary to carefully examine them for possible injuries and splinters. 

So that the dog does not experience stress from daily washing, it should be taught to water procedures from a very early age, experts say. After each trip to the bathroom, the pet can be encouraged by treating it with a treat.

26. marta 2020

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