Kako napraviti volijeru za psa?
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Kako napraviti volijeru za psa?

It’s no secret that large dogs are not meant to live in a small city apartment. Caucasian Shepherd, Bullmastiff and other guard dogs are more comfortable living outside the city. Often, an aviary is equipped for the dog on the street. This house is perfect for large pets. In it you can retire and relax, move freely and, most importantly, calmly keep order throughout the yard. However, if the enclosure is not designed correctly, it becomes a real punishment for the pet and can cause a lot of problems for its owner. What should be paid attention to when making a dog kennel?

Izbor lokacije

The first thing to determine is the place in the yard where the aviary will be located. The dog, sitting in the aviary, must see all the territory entrusted to it for protection. Do not install an aviary near sources of strong odors: cesspools, poultry houses or barnyards. In addition, keep in mind that chemical odors can cause irreparable damage to your pet’s sense of smell.

Aviary dimensions

When making an aviary on your own, it is important to understand that it should not be either too small or too large. In a small enclosure, the dog will be cramped, and in an enclosure that is too large, the animal may freeze in winter, since it will not fully warm up. The area of ​​uXNUMXbuXNUMXbthe enclosure directly depends on the size of the pet:

  • With the growth of the dog from 45 to 50 cm at the withers, the enclosure must be at least 6 sq.m;

  • For a dog with a height of 50 to 65 cm at the withers, the enclosure must be at least 8 square meters;

  • A dog taller than 65 cm at the withers will need an aviary with an area of ​​​​about 10 sq.m.

If you plan to keep several dogs, the area of ​​uXNUMXbuXNUMXbthe enclosure is increased by one and a half times.

The width of the enclosure must be at least 1,5 m, and the length is calculated based on the area. As for the height, it depends on the breed. The standard height is calculated as follows: the dog is placed on its hind legs and about 0,5 m is added to its length. However, this rule is not suitable for representatives of “jumping” breeds, which include, for example, huskies, greyhounds and poodles. The height of the aviary in this case should be at least 2 m.

Aviary design

To make the enclosure comfortable and suitable for the life of a dog, you need to take care of its design. A standard aviary usually consists of a booth or winter hut, which must be insulated, a cold room like a vestibule where the dog can rest in the summer, and an open part.

Females in the aviary should provide a place for childbirth and the possibility of restricting the movement of puppies. In the enclosure for males, special attention should be paid to the strength of the structure and the gate so that a strong dog cannot damage it.

Korišteni materijali

Today, various materials are used in the construction of enclosures: from plastic and concrete to wood and bricks. The choice depends on the desire of the owner and his budget.

  • Floor and closed walls. The best solution for making floors and closed walls is wood. It is environmentally friendly and easy to use. It is highly undesirable to make the floor of concrete, as it is cold and the dog can get arthritis. The aviary should not stand on the ground with the bottom, it is better to make props. So it will not rot and last longer. The boards used for the construction of the aviary must be dry and carefully treated from knots, as well as impregnated with rotting agents.

  • Open walls. One or two walls in the enclosure must be made open to provide the pet with a view. In the manufacture of open walls, iron rods or mesh are used.

  • Krov. It is made from roofing materials: slate, tiles, corrugated board and others. The main thing is that it does not leak and protect the pet from rain and snow.

When building an aviary, the comfort of the dog should be a priority, and not the aesthetic pleasure of the owner. All kinds of decorative elements, unreasonably large areas or additional structures, most likely, will only harm the pet. Remember: the aviary is the dog’s home, in which he must feel comfortable and be safe.

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