Kako hraniti psa?

Kako hraniti psa?

Potrebe za kućnim ljubimcima

Externally and internally, a dog is significantly different from a person. The approach to feeding the animal and its owner should also differ just as significantly: they should not eat from the same plate. After all, if the food prepared for a person saturates him with all the required elements, then the dog with it clearly lacks calcium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin E, linoleic acid, but eats fat much more than recommended.

Even dishes that seem to a person adapted to the body of an animal (3 parts of rice, 2 parts of chicken, 1 part of vegetables and similar variations) are not useful for a pet.

Uravnoteženu ishranu

The most balanced option that meets all the needs of the animal – industrijska hrana. Their composition is complex and almost unreproducible in an ordinary kitchen. Such diets contain animal proteins, vegetable fiber, trace elements and vitamins in the proper amount.

Here, for example, is what is included in the wet Pedigree food for adult dogs of all breeds with beef and lamb: meat and offal, cereals, minerals, vegetable oil, beet pulp, calcium – not less than 0,1 g, zinc – not less than 2 mg, vitamin A – not less than 130 IU, vitamin E – not less than 1 mg.

Calcium is needed for bones and teeth, linoleic acid and zinc maintain healthy skin and coat, vitamin E and again zinc serve the immune system. The plant fibers contained in the beet pulp ensure the smooth functioning of the intestines, stabilize its microflora. That is, each ingredient is in its place.

Dry or wet food

Unlike a person who often builds his lunch from soup, main course and dessert, for a dog the best combination is dry and wet diets.

The reason is that they perform different and complementary functions. Dry food cleans your pet’s teeth and positively affects the digestion process. Wet does not allow the dog to gain excess weight and prevents the development of diseases of the urinary system.

Industrial feeds are available under the brands Royal Canin, Cesar, Eukanuba, Purina Pro Plan, Hill’s, etc.

It is important to remember that the dog should always have access to a bowl of fresh water. Its consumption by animals is calculated according to the formula 60 ml per 1 kilogram of weight. But in hot weather, during pregnancy or feeding, the animal drinks more and more.

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