Kada počinje pubertet kod pasa?
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Kada počinje pubertet kod pasa?

Kada počinje pubertet kod pasa?

The onset of puberty directly depends on the time when the bitch gains optimal body weight and, accordingly, depends on the size and breed of the dog. Thus, many small and medium breed dogs reach puberty between 6 and 10 months of age, while some large or giant breeds do not reach this period until 2 years of age.

Nevertheless, optimal fertility, or maximum reproductive ability (fertility), occurs from the second to fourth estrus.

The duration and nature of estrus can vary between bitches that have just reached puberty and those that are already mature. Young, pre-pubescent dogs often show little sexual behavior even during ovulation, and their overall estrus duration may also be shorter.

In addition, the first estrus often proceed according to the type of so-called “split estrus”. During split estrus, the dog initially shows the usual signs of estrus: swelling of the vulva, bloody discharge from the vulva; the bitch attracts males and may even tolerate mating. However, soon the clinical signs of estrus end, but after a few days or weeks they resume. The fact is that the first half of a split estrus passes without ovulation, and ovulation, as a rule, occurs in the second half.

There is also the concept of “hidden leaks”. In this case, clinical signs of estrus and interest from males are mild or completely absent while ovulation occurs. Hidden estrus occurs more often in dogs that have just reached puberty, but are often found in mature ones.

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