Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?
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Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?

Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?

Alabai (srednjoazijski ovčar)

Zemlja porijekla: Centralna Azija (Turkmenistan)

Rast: od 62 do 65 cm u grebenu

Težina: od 40 do 80 kg

starost 10-12 godina

Alabai have long helped people by protecting their homes and livestock from wild animals. Thousands of years of “natural” training (and according to scientists, the age of the breed is 3 – 000 years!) These animals have helped to develop a strong, fearless, moderately aggressive character. For centuries, Central Asian Shepherd Dogs have protected settlements and other animals from predators living in the forests. From here came the Uzbek name for these dogs – “buribasar” – which translates as “wolfhound”.

Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?

Gampr (armenski vučjak)

Zemlja porijekla: Armenija

Rast: od 63 do 80 cm u grebenu

Težina: od 45 do 85 kg

starost 11-13 godina

Gampras are very calm, intelligent and powerful animals (their name literally translates from Armenian as “powerful”). According to historians, this breed has protected the families of its owners from other animals and people for thousands of years, and even saved the leaders in emergency situations. Despite the fact that these dogs are also called the threatening word “wolfhound”, Gamprams are not characterized by aggressive behavior in neutral situations. They treat the people around them with care and concern, and it is their devotion that forces gampres to become cruel with their enemies.

Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?

Ruski lovački hrt

Zemlja porijekla: Rusija

Rast: od 65 do 85 cm u grebenu

Težina: od 35 do 48 kg

starost 10-12 godina

Perhaps this is one of the most famous breeds in the world due to its unusual, majestic appearance. Despite the fact that Russian greyhounds weigh relatively little for their height, they have other significant advantages that have made this breed ideal hunting companions for centuries. So, for example, greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 90 km per hour – which is much more than 50-60 km / h for wolves – and drive predators when fighting.

Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?

Irski vučjak

Zemlja porijekla: Irska

Rast: od 76 do 86 cm u grebenu

Težina: od 50 do 72 cm

starost 10-11 godina

Calm, loyal and devoted dogs, wolfhounds have become a real symbol of Ireland for many years. Their history begins in the XNUMXrd century BC. – at that time, the Celtic tribes used animals for protection and hunting for large predators, hence the name “wolfhound”. Nowadays, experts do not recommend the owners to train these giants in security or defensive skills – despite their impressive size and military history, Irish wolfhounds are one of the most good-natured and loving pets in the world.

Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?

Kavkaski ovčar

Zemlja porijekla: SSSR

Rast: od 66 do 75 cm u grebenu

Težina: od 45 do 75 kg

starost 9-11 godina

From time immemorial, these dogs have been considered ideal guards due to the unique qualities of their character. By virtue of their natural mind, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are excellent at analyzing the situation, and therefore in their minds there is a clear division into “us” and “them”, which helps in protecting the house. This breed tends to dominate, so shepherd dogs are usually recommended for experienced owners. Feeling the real inner strength (not to be confused with violence!) On the part of the owner, shepherd dogs will become the most devoted companions, ready to deal with any threat that arises before their leader.

Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?

Pyrenean mountain dog

Zemlja porijekla: Francuska

Rast: od 65 do 80 cm u grebenu

Težina: od 45 do 60 kg

starost 10-12 godina

It is believed that this breed of dog was used to herd sheep and protect livestock from predators as early as the XNUMXth century BC. The Pyrenean mountains could fight back both wolves and bears, and therefore enjoyed great popularity among the French kings. In addition to extraordinary strength and courage, animals show excellent companionship qualities – intelligence helps them easily remember any commands during training, and loyalty to the owner makes Pyrenean mountain dogs great friends. The main thing for them is to see authority in their owner.

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Buryat-Mongolian wolfhound

Zemlja porijekla: Rusija (Buryatia)

Rast: od 65 do 75 cm u grebenu

Težina: od 45 do 70 kg

starost 12-14 godina

Despite the frightening historical name, these dogs have an extremely calm, friendly character. They will not once again react negatively to cats or “grumble” because of children’s games. Giants hotosho – this is another name for the breed – can be excellent companions for large families with children; for a long time they accompanied people, took care of them and guarded the houses of their owners. In addition to their solid size, this breed is distinguished by amazing speed and agility, which gives them an advantage when confronted with the enemy.

Koji pas može pobijediti vuka?

This rating is a theoretical selection of dog breeds that may be physically stronger than wolves. We do not encourage or condone organizing or participating in animal fights or any other cruelty to pets.

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