Šta je štenetu potrebno od prvih dana u kući?
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Šta je štenetu potrebno od prvih dana u kući?

Šta je štenetu potrebno od prvih dana u kući?

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The first time in a new place, the puppy is recommended to feed the food that he ate before. Therefore, you should provide him with a supply of familiar food for several days. A sudden change in diet can threaten the health of the animal with unpleasant complications. Therefore, the transfer to the optimal diet, if it did not take place earlier, must be carried out gradually. Important to know: a combination of dry and wet food is considered optimal for a pet.


It is useful if the puppy is too small or belongs to those breeds that can easily tolerate the lack of walks.

The tray must be stable and hygienic, holding the contents securely inside. You can replace the tray with a special diaper – with its help, the puppy will also get used to going to the toilet in a strictly defined place.


The puppy needs to provide a comfortable, warm place to sleep and rest. This is best done with a bedding that is easy to clean and wash. In order for the pet to get used to the bed as soon as possible, it is recommended at first to put a familiar toy or a piece of fabric with the smell of the mother next to it.

A good option is to place the puppy in a basket or a special house. But the owner should not let the puppy into his own bed, no matter how he asks. This can be regarded as an element of training – the animal must feel the will of the owner and understand that he will not be able to achieve anything if he whines.


The puppy should have separate dishes for food and water. Bowls should be chosen stable, not too deep, but not flat. The best material is ceramic. It is hygienic, washes well, does not absorb odors. Dishes intended for liquids should always be filled with fresh water and accessible to the pet.

Ogrlica i povodac

Familiarization of the dog with the collar should occur as early as possible. Here, one of the key factors is size: two fingers should pass freely under the collar. As the puppy grows older, this accessory will have to be changed periodically.

The defining qualities of the leash are durability and comfort in managing the dog. The best option is a product made of genuine leather with welded metal fittings (by the way, this is also true for the collar). The recommended length of the leash is 1,8 meters. It allows you to control your pet without restricting its freedom of movement.


Toys serve the purpose of developing and entertaining the puppy. They should not only be interesting to the pet, but also safe. When choosing them, you need to pay attention to the material – it must be strong, durable, not too hard. Size is important – a puppy cannot cope with a toy that is too large, and he will soon get bored with it. Here are some examples of toys that puppies will like: balls, rings, ducks and bones made of leather, soft plastic, rubber, jute sticks.

Pribor za nošenje

Often there is a need to transport a puppy in your own car or public transport, including to a veterinary clinic. For such moments, you need to purchase specialized tools. These include, in particular, the container – it must fit the size of the puppy and not be too tight. For large individuals, a harness or seat belt is useful, which securely fixes the animal in its place in the car.

Proizvodi za njegu

First of all, you should decide on the following tools: combs and brushes for wool, a trimmer for claws, cotton balls for ears.

It is believed that the preferred age for moving a puppy to a new owner is eight months. During this period of life, the pet is already old enough to easily part with the mother, and at the same time adapts well to the changed conditions. However, he needs to provide these conditions in a timely manner.

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