Pas je ogrlicom protrljao vrat. sta da radim?
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Pas je ogrlicom protrljao vrat. sta da radim?

Why is the collar rubbing?

Of course, the first reason that the collar began to rub is the wrong size. Fearing that the dog will slip out, some owners fasten it as tightly as possible, and when jerking, especially if it is a young dog or a puppy that tends to jump around the owner, the collar at least wipes the hair, and at the most injures the dog’s skin. When fastening the collar, you need to make sure that two fingers fit between it and the neck. If the dog has a habit of twisting out of an ordinary collar due to a narrow muzzle, which is typical, for example, of collies or shelties, then it is worth picking up special ammunition in the form of a collar with a limiter.

Pas je ogrlicom protrljao vrat. sta da radim?

Another reason for chafing may be that a dog, especially one living in a kennel near the house, simply grew out of its collar, and the owners inadvertently missed this moment. The collar is small, it digs into the skin when the dog turns its head, and as a result – irritation or even wounds.

Another reason that the collar rubs the dog’s neck may be its poor quality or improper selection. Such an important thing as a collar that comes into direct contact with the skin of the animal must be of high quality, of sufficient width, with a good clasp and fittings. It is best to buy collars from trusted companies and try them on your dog before buying. Might be worth switching to harnesses.

What to do if the skin is damaged?

Upon discovering that the collar has damaged the dog’s neck, the owner must first remove it and never put it on again. If the dog is long-haired, it will be necessary to cut the hair around the wound for ease of treatment.

The affected pet should be taken to a veterinarian who will assess the extent of the damage, take the necessary scrapings and prescribe treatment. Most often it consists in the treatment of wounds with an antiseptic. In more serious cases, antibiotics may be needed.

Pas je ogrlicom protrljao vrat. sta da radim?

It should be taken into account that the wounds cause severe discomfort to the dog, she will try to comb them. To prevent this, for the duration of treatment, it will be necessary to put on a special collar on the animal, which will not allow it to infect the wounds, nullifying all treatment.

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