somalijska mačka
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somalijska mačka

Other names: Somali

The Somali cat is a breed of long-haired cats descended from the Abyssinian. They have a bright, rich coat, animated by ticking, and a fluffy tail.

Characteristics of Somali cat

Zemlja porijeklaSAD
Vrsta vuneDuga kosa
visina26-34 cm
Težina3–6 kg
starost11-16 godina
Somali cat Characteristics

Kratke informacije

  • Very tactful and unobtrusive breed;
  • Amenable to training;
  • Easily adapts to any conditions.

The Somali cat is an amazingly beautiful creature, which is often compared to a small fox because of the similarity in color and coat. These are healthy, energetic and intelligent cats that are suitable for people with an active lifestyle. Somalis love to play and are not recommended to be left alone for a long time.


At the end of the 40s. 20th century British breeder brought her Abyssinian kittens to Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. There they grew up and became parents. Among their descendants there were unusual long-haired kittens. Where they came from is not exactly known: perhaps a spontaneous mutation, or perhaps the result of crossing with long-haired cats. Then the same individuals quite often began to appear in the process of breeding, but usually they were rejected, and therefore they were given away, considering them a deviation from the norm.

Only in 1963 was such a cat shown for the first time at an exhibition. It happened in Canada. And after a couple of years, the breed had its own name, breeders began to actively promote it, and in 1978 it was officially recognized in the United States.


  • Color: ticked (each hair has several tones, transverse dark stripes), the main colors are wild, roe deer, blue, sorrel.
  • Coat: Fairly fine, but dense, with an undercoat. The coat is longer on the back and especially on the belly. Around the neck is a frill made of wool.
  • Eyes: large, almond-shaped, outlined by a dark border.
  • Tail: long, fluffy.

Karakteristike ponašanja

These cats borrowed from the Abyssinians both a graceful appearance and a lively character. They love to play – run, jump, climb, so this is clearly not the best option for those who dream of a pet spending all day on the windowsill. Somalia need communication, they are affectionate towards their owners, children, get along with other pets. It is not recommended to leave them alone for a long time. In addition, these cats do not do well in a small enclosed space.

Somali cats understand people well, so they are easy to train.

For entertainment, they use not only their toys, but also everything that catches their eye – pens, pencils, etc. The owners say that one of the breed’s favorite pastimes is playing with water: they can watch dripping water for a long time and try to catch it with your paw.

Somali cat Health and care

The coat of the Somali cat needs to be combed regularly. Representatives of the breed usually have no nutritional problems, but the diet, of course, must be healthy and balanced. Cats are in good health. True, there may be problems with teeth and gums. In addition, sometimes there are violations of protein metabolism.

Uslovi pritvora

Somali cats are very mobile and energetic. They love to play and do not lose their childlike enthusiasm with age. That’s why they need toys , places to climb. They love to jump and enjoy playing with hanging objects.

These are house cats. They feel great in a city apartment and do not suffer from a lack of movement if they are given the appropriate conditions. Moreover, these cats are not categorically adapted for life on the street – they do not tolerate cold well.

The ideal option is to equip the cat with a small green corner where she could walk. Or, if it is possible to sometimes take Somali out of the city, you can let her out for a walk in the green area. A pet can be walked on a leash and in the city, but it is still better to choose the most green and quiet places for this.

Somali cat – Video

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