Pravila držanja pasa u gradu
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Pravila držanja pasa u gradu

At the moment, there are no uniform all-Russian rules for keeping animals. Each city and region sets its own. However, most of the provisions are still generally accepted.

When a dog comes into the house

Not all dog owners (especially the owners of outbred animals) observe one of the most important rules: all pets must be registered with the state veterinary clinic at the place of residence. If we are talking about buying a puppy, then this must be done within two weeks, according to the Moscow rules for keeping dogs.

Moreover, starting from the age of three months, the pet must be vaccinated against rabies every year. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this rule.

And at the same time, rabies is one of the most dangerous diseases not only for animals, but also for humans. Unvaccinated dogs are at risk of contracting this disease.

Držanje psa u stanu

You can get a dog both in your own apartment and in a communal one. But in the second case, you will need to obtain the consent of the neighbors. Owners of private houses can keep a pet in free range, the main thing is to have a high barrier and a warning sign at the entrance.

Particular attention should be paid to sanitary and hygienic rules. The owner is obliged to keep order and cleanliness, clean up after the pet in time. In addition, it is desirable to ensure silence in the apartment and for a walk during quiet hours: from eleven in the evening to seven in the morning.

It is important to remember that the dog cannot be left in the common area in an apartment building – for example, in the stairwell or in the entrance.


According to the rules in force in Moscow, a dog must be kept on a leash during a walk, and an address tag must be on the pet’s collar. It is necessary that the dog’s name and the owner’s phone number be indicated on it. At the same time, large animals must also wear a muzzle.

In the rules of keeping, the places for walking the animal are most often prescribed. It is forbidden to appear with a pet without a muzzle and a leash near schools and kindergartens, on sports grounds, near clinics and other medical institutions, as well as in crowded places.

You can let the dog go free-range only in sparsely populated places, and better – on dog playgrounds. But, alas, not every city has such specialized territories.

Often, the rules for walking dogs are prescribed in a separate document, and for their violation, pet owners may face a fine of up to 5000 rubles.

Animal death

A special point in the rules for keeping dogs is the case of the death of a pet. In an effort to honor the memory of a pet, many owners try to bury it near the house or a place that is important to them. But such unauthorized burial is an administrative violation, threatening a fine of up to 5000 rubles. The fact is that the corpse of an animal, according to environmentalists, can pollute groundwater.

Self-burial of the body is possible only in some cities where there are no crematoria or animal burial grounds, and this should be indicated in the relevant document. In Moscow, the body of a deceased animal can be handed over to a veterinary institution, and a certificate (veterinary passport) to the clinic where the pet was registered.

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