Korean Jindo
Pasmine pasmina

Korean Jindo

Characteristics of Korean Jindo

Zemlja porijeklaSjeverna Koreja
rast40–65 cm
Težina11–23 kg
starost12-15 godina
FCI rasna grupaŠpic i pasmine primitivnog tipa
Korean Jindo Chartics

Kratke informacije

  • Active, need physical activity;
  • Playful enthusiasts;
  • Čistoća.


National Korean pride, jindo has been living on the island of the same name for more than one century. How these dogs appeared there is still unknown. Most likely, the ancestors of the Chindo are the Mongolian dogs, who came to these lands together with the conquerors eight hundred years ago.

The Chindo is an amazing breed. At home, its representatives serve in the police and often participate in search and rescue operations. They are valued for their protective qualities, and for hunting.

However, many dog ​​handlers admit that the jindo is not the best option for service. They are too devoted to their owner and try to please him in everything. However, there are legends about the loyalty of these dogs in Korea!


Indeed, the Jindo is a unique dog that will serve only one owner. And the owner will have to try hard so that the dog respects him and recognizes him as the “leader of the pack.” Raising a Jindo is not so easy: these wayward but smart dogs can show character and pretend not to understand commands. But this will only be a view, because in fact they are smart and curious pets.

The Jindo needs early socialization . Without it, there is a chance to grow an aggressive and selfish pet, which in the case of animals of this breed, although rare, does happen.

Representatives of this breed are incredibly mobile and active. A potential jindo owner must be prepared for many hours of walks, regular classes and exercises. Moreover, it is desirable to conduct not only physical, but also intellectual training. You can offer your pet logic games for rewards and praise.

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