Kako dresirati psa da hvata brnjicu?
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Kako dresirati psa da hvata brnjicu?

Kako dresirati psa da hvata brnjicu?

Dogs have very well developed associative thinking. They relate things and circumstances very quickly and react accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary to accustom an animal to a muzzle carefully and gradually, so that one of its appearance does not cause stress to your pet.

Kada početi?

It would be ideal to start muzzle training a puppy from 5-6 months. But this does not mean that training will be more difficult with age, especially since the training methods for both puppies and adult animals are the same.

Šta raditi?

  1. Form a positive association. Show your dog the muzzle before you go for a walk with him. Do not try to put it on an animal. Just show it, let it smell and inspect. Repeat this algorithm each time so that the dog has a clear relationship between walks, which he probably loves, and the muzzle.

  2. Use positive reinforcement for behavior. Put a treat in the muzzle and give it to your dog. Repeat this trick before every feeding. This will help eliminate the animal’s fear of a new object for him.

  3. Ne žuri. Don’t try to muzzle your dog right away. Put the treat in such a way that she sticks her whole muzzle into the muzzle. Praise your pet and in no case do not fasten the muzzle – this can scare him! The muzzle can be fastened and let the dog walk in it for a short time, as soon as he himself begins to hold his muzzle in it. This stage requires patience on the part of the owner.

  4. Fixing the result. Try muzzling without using a treat bait. Did the dog let you do it? Wonderful! Praise and treat her. Gradually increase the time between muzzling and eating. This will allow at some point to do without goodies.

Šta ne raditi?

There are several common mistakes that almost all owners make.

  1. If you have already put a muzzle on your dog, and he is actively trying to take it off, you should not indulge him. In the future, she will know that the manifestation of discontent on her part will be a reason for action for you.

    Šta uraditi: Distract the dog. Switch your attention to the game, give the command “close”. She will forget about the uncomfortable accessory and stop fighting with it.

  2. Do not use a muzzle for activities that are known to be unpleasant or stressful for your dog, such as vaccinations, veterinary appointments, or nail trimming.

    Šta uraditi: Instead of a muzzle, use elastic bandages or a special narrow muzzle that is different from what the dog normally wears.

Before you begin to train your dog to muzzle, carefully consider the choice of model. The muzzle should not be too tight. For the hot season, it is better to choose the most free options (for example, a cage muzzle), which will allow the dog to open its mouth and stick out its tongue. And remember: the main thing is patience and gradualness. Do not move on to a new stage of training if the previous one has not yet been fully mastered by the dog.

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