Kako izmjeriti visinu psa u grebenu?
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Kako izmjeriti visinu psa u grebenu?

Kako izmjeriti visinu psa u grebenu?

It is recommended that you select one location where it is convenient for you to measure regularly. Then the dog will get used to the ritual, and it will be easier for you to cope with his playfulness. It is best to take the measurement before the dog has eaten, and always at a certain time – for example, in the evening.

Where is the withers of a dog?

“Holka” is a native Russian word derived from the word “grooming”. Literally, the withers is the part of the neck that is groomed, stroked, and looked after first. There is also a common expression “knead (comb) the withers.” So they say when they mean that someone can give a severe reprimand. Even among the people, the withers are often called scruffs. The dog wears puppies by the collar, that is, by the fold of skin at the withers.

Anatomically, the withers are the place between the shoulder blades, the highest part of the body. This is an elevation between the neck and back of the dog, formed by the first five vertebrae of the cervical spine. To more accurately determine this place, you need to feel through the muscles of the dog the upper points of its shoulder blades.

It is easier to deal with this if you remember that the withers do not move in relation to ground level. That is why it is used to measure growth.

The owner must know where the withers of his pet are located, because:

  • The skin in this place is less sensitive, and therefore it is here that most subcutaneous injections are administered. In addition, there is a natural “pocket” in the cavity between the skin of the withers and the muscles, into which the doctor or dog owner can inject the entire dose of the injection at one time;

  • Drops from worms and fleas are applied here. The drugs evenly enter through the skin of the dog at the withers, and this reduces the side effect of them, slows down absorption into the blood. Some drugs accumulate in the skin cells, and at the withers it is less sensitive.

  • All kinds of harnesses and other accessories for a dog are often selected taking into account the girth of the withers.

How to measure your dog’s height correctly?

It is important to start measurements in a quiet and calm room. The dog needs to be calmed down so that it stands straight, keeps its head up and does not tense up. To make her more comfortable, you can give her the tools to smell. After that, the person measuring the dog approaches it from behind (from the side of the owner) and, using a ruler or a corner, determines the height from the ground to the withers of the animal.

This procedure has several important nuances:

  1. Usually the height of the dog at the withers is recognized using a measuring ruler or a universal square. According to the rules, the measurement should be carried out using a rigid measuring stick. The tool should be placed exactly on the withers so that it touches the dog’s body, but does not put pressure on it.

  2. If the pet’s coat is long and thick, then it needs to be parted and measurements taken from it. Please note that the ruler or corner must be in a strictly vertical position. If you take measurements with a corner, make sure that the tape on it does not touch the plumb line in any case.

  3. The same measurements are usually carried out 3-4 times, then the calculations can be considered correct. The interval between them should be a couple of minutes. From the results obtained, you need to calculate the average value. This will be the final, true value of the dog’s height.

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