Kako ošišati psa?
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Kako ošišati psa?

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Haircut can be hygienic or model.

  • Hygienic haircut consists in getting rid of tangles and a short haircut of the paws, ears, genital area and abdomen. You can also include seasonal shortening of the coat (for example, in summer) so that the dog feels better in the heat.
  • model haircut is not necessary. This is a dog haircut for an exhibition or a haircut at the request of the owner (for example, artistic clipping). Such a haircut should only be done by professional hairdressers who are familiar with breed standards, haircut requirements and various techniques.

Koliko često psa treba negovati?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the length and type of coat your pet has. For example, representatives of some long-haired breeds need regular haircuts. These breeds include poodles, kerry blue terriers, wheaten and black terriers, and some others. Dogs of other breeds can get away with hygienic clipping as needed.

Is it necessary to take the dog to the salon?

A visit to the salon is not required. Many masters are ready to come to the house or even take the dog in. In addition, you can do a hygienic haircut yourself. For those who want to learn the basics of haircuts, special seminars are held in kennel clubs. You can also take a few individual lessons from the master.

Važna pravila

  • Grooming, like washing, should not be associated with a dog with something unpleasant. So don’t be cruel to her. In order for a dog to behave well during a haircut, it must be taught to do this from childhood. If the dog is still afraid, try to calm him down, talk and give him a treat. Let the dog know that he has absolutely nothing to fear and that you are not going to harm him.
  • The dog must not move during the clipping.

    The haircut procedure should be comfortable for the dog, not only morally, but also physically. Therefore, the surface on which the pet will be cut must be rubberized.

    It can be a special shearing table or a rubberized rug: on such a surface, the paws will not move apart. This will not only allow the dog not to get tired, but also protect it from possible injuries, since clipping scissors are sharp and it is very easy to injure, for example, the ear with them.

12 juna 2017

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