Kako odabrati igračke za štene?
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Kako odabrati igračke za štene?

Kako odabrati igračke za štene?

Today, pet stores offer a huge selection of all kinds of toys for pets. There are both soft plush and hard edible entertainment. However, not all toys are useful for a puppy, and some can even be dangerous.

Why are toys needed?

  1. Pet entertainment If the puppy is left alone in the apartment, toys are a great way to pass the time in the absence of the owner.

  2. When teeth are cut One of the reasons why a puppy gnaws on the legs of furniture and shoes of the owners is cutting teeth. This process occurs at the age of 3-7 months and is accompanied by unpleasant sensations that the puppy is trying to get rid of. For this reason, he chews on objects that are not intended for this. Chewing toys will help to satisfy the need and at the same time wean the pet from bad habits.

  3. Aktivne igre A healthy puppy is an active puppy. If his energy is not directed to games, it will be directed to the destruction of the apartment. Playing with a ball or frisbee will help the puppy to throw out energy.

  4. konvergencija The best way to bond with your pet is to play a game with it. Spending time together brings the owner and dog closer together.

It is advisable to buy toys for a puppy before the arrival of a new family member in the house. Try to choose a couple of diverse entertainments for the dog. So you can increase the chances that one of the toys will definitely like the pet.

What are the toys?

  1. chewing toys The most popular type of entertainment for the little ones. These puppy toys are made from rubber or rubber. If the pet gnaws on the leg of a chair or table, most likely, he needs just such a chew. It will not injure the pet’s jaw and will help form the correct bite. In addition, there is a valuable bonus: such a toy will help distract the dog from the furniture.

  2. Punjene igračke Fabric toys with a squeaker inside are also quite a popular option for entertainment. A puppy who has already managed to try the owner’s socks or slippers will surely like them.

  3. Balls and frisbees The ball is a great toy for active puppies who need exercise. The main thing is to choose the right model from the variety of pet products presented. For example, special balls are offered for walking on the street, for home and even for swimming.

  4. Kablovi Many puppies love to cling to an object and pull it with all their might. It turns out a kind of tug of war. Especially for such pets, many pet stores offer a wide range of ropes for every taste. It must be remembered that such games are relevant only with a grown puppy who has already formed an overbite and all teeth have changed. Therefore, the ropes are suitable for dogs older than a year.

  5. Toys with a secret This type includes toys, inside which you can hide a treat. They help in the development of the dog’s mental abilities and can interest the pet for a long time.

  6. Treats and bones The classic puppy training toy. Hard treats also have another benefit: they help clean your pet’s teeth of plaque and prevent tartar build-up.

To choose a toy that your puppy will like, it is important to remember a few rules:

Rule 1. Be guided by the interests of the puppy Pay attention to his favorite activities and temperament. Does the puppy love to chew on something or prefer active rest? Be sure to take this into account.

Rule 2. Remember about safety Don’t buy cheap toys. In pursuit of a low price, the quality of a thing is often lost. Toxic paint and small parts can cause a lot of trouble for your dog. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material from which the product is made. Bad rubber and plush, protruding threads – all this can be easily chewed and swallowed by a puppy, and this can end badly.

Rule 3 Separate indoor and outdoor toys On a walk, the dog must, first of all, move. Frisbees and balls are perfect for this. But for the home, you can choose options for a more relaxed pastime: goodies, chews and soft toys.

Rule 4. Do not forget about the expiration date Old, worn-out toys need to be changed in time. Do not wait for their complete destruction. Some materials can be destroyed by old age and enter the pet’s stomach.

The same applies to cases when a dog gets bored with a toy. Don’t try to arouse interest in her, just remove her and offer something new. After a while, you can get this toy, perhaps it will again interest the puppy.

Toys for puppies are great entertainment that helps in education. However, remember that not a single thing, no matter how interesting it may seem to a pet, can replace communication with the owner.

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