Kako odabrati psa čuvara?
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Kako odabrati psa čuvara?

Kako odabrati psa čuvara?

As you begin your search for a guard dog, you will most likely come across guard dogs. In a general sense, there is no fundamental difference between them. The main difference is how these animals work. The watchmen immediately notify the owner with a loud bark that a stranger has entered the territory of the house. And guard dogs will first warn the intruder that entry into the territory is prohibited. If he continues to move, they will begin to act and are even capable of attacking the enemy.

Karakteristike izbora

It is important to understand that when choosing a guard dog, its size does not matter. The main thing is the mental abilities of the pet, learning and attentiveness. Therefore, medium-sized pets may well become excellent watchdogs. But as a guard dog, it is still better to choose large animals that are able to scare away an intruder with their very appearance.

An ideal candidate for the role of a guard and watchman would be a service dog. Representatives of service breeds are not only smart and loyal, but also independent in making decisions. Which guard dog to choose?

Service breeds:

  • Njemački Ovčar

    Perhaps one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, the German Shepherd will become not only an excellent watchman and guardian, but also a companion for the whole family. Smart, loyal and easily trained animals are not in vain serving in the police, the army and in other structures where they save people’s lives every day.

  • Kavkaski ovčar

    This shepherd is also famous for its protective qualities and distrust of strangers. But in the family circle, this is a gentle and devoted pet who treats children with love and understanding.

  • Alabai (srednjoazijski ovčar)

    Representatives of this breed have a truly impressive size. The appearance and size of the Alabai are impressive and inspire respect. However, behind the harsh appearance hides a vulnerable pet that needs a firm hand. Otherwise, the alabai will gladly take over the duties of the leader.

  • Ruski crni terijer

    The Great Black Terrier is not only an excellent protector, but also an excellent companion for a family with children. These dogs are distinguished by kindness and love towards babies. They will be happy to play with children and endure all their pranks.

  • Moskovski čuvar

    Already from the name of the breed it is clear that the Moscow watchdog will become an excellent guard. Strong, balanced and calm representatives of this breed were bred by crossing the St. Bernard and the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. From them, they inherited all the best features.

Who is not suitable for the role of a security guard?

However, when choosing a guard dog, one must understand that not all service dog breeds are suitable for guarding the house. Some of them are simply not adapted to life on the street: for example, Dobermans do not have an undercoat, which makes them extremely sensitive to low temperatures. And others require a rather long and laborious training, it will take a lot of time to educate them. These include, for example, Rottweilers.

After purchasing a puppy

Guard dogs, despite the peculiarities of their character and developed protective instincts, need training like no other. The general training course is a necessary program for representatives of these breeds. Without proper training, they can become uncontrollable, capricious and even dangerous.

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