Koliko psi i štenci spavaju dnevno

Koliko psi i štenci spavaju dnevno

Koliko psi i štenci spavaju dnevno

How many hours a day do dogs sleep normally?

Most adult dogs sleep between 10 and 14 hours a night on average.

Why do dogs sleep a lot? This is due to the fact that the phase of deep sleep, necessary for the restoration of the body, is short, and most of the time the animals simply doze off. They needed frequent, fitful sleep in the process of evolution – it helped to be on the alert in case of a sudden attack.

Large breed dogs may sleep more, while small breed dogs may sleep less. This difference is due to the fact that the former have higher energy costs for maintaining motor and mental activity.

Older pets also need a lot of time to sleep – from 16 to 18 hours a day, because the aging process of the body has begun (for example, with a slowdown in metabolism, chronic diseases).

Koliko štenci spavaju?

Puppies sleep more than adults – from 18 to 20 hours a day. Their sleep duration gradually decreases as they mature. A puppy needs a lot of sleep, since at this age energy is spent on growth and development, fatigue occurs quickly.

Koliko psi i štenci spavaju dnevno

Faze spavanja kod pasa

In these animals, one sleep cycle is broken into two distinct phases: non-REM sleep and REM sleep. In time, each such cycle lasts many times less than in humans. If we compare how many hours dogs and people sleep, then there is a significant difference. Animals need much more time to restore their strength and energy.

The first phase is the state when the pet is dozing. This is a superficial dream, and he can quickly wake up from unexpected sounds or the slightest danger.

The next stage is REM sleep. The dog will now be harder to wake up as it enters a deep sleep. It is he who gives a good rest to the whole body. A pet can twitch, make sounds. This is absolutely normal, because the brain remains active, and the dog just has dreams, like us.

Koliko psi i štenci spavaju dnevno

Positions in which dogs sleep

Just like humans, dogs sleep in different positions. They can give an idea of ​​how the pet feels physically or mentally (mentally) during sleep.

bočna poza

Lying on its side with outstretched paws is one of the most common positions, which means that the pet feels calm, safe. Very often he lies like this in the phase of deep sleep.

Položaj na stomaku

This pose is also called the “superhero pose” – the dog stretches on the surface, pressing his stomach to the floor and stretching his front and hind legs. It usually occurs in puppies. This position allows the animals to take a quick nap and be ready to jump up at any moment to play.

Donut Pose

The position in which the dog sleeps curled up, pressing all the limbs to the body. Posture means that she seeks to protect herself during sleep. Sometimes pets do this when they are cold, trying to keep their body warm.

Pose “hug”

One of the most charming sleeping positions is the hugging position. This is a position in which the dog prefers to sleep next to the owner or another pet, snuggling up to them. Position is a clear sign of affection.

Koliko psi i štenci spavaju dnevno

Belly up pose

It is a position when the animal lies on its back with its stomach and paws up. No matter how uncomfortable it may seem to the owner, for pets it is a sign of true comfort and relaxation. This pose indicates complete trust in its owner and surroundings.

What affects dog sleep

How long dogs sleep is influenced by various factors: breed, stress, daily routine, age, physical activity, health.

There are breeds that need a longer sleep period than others. For example, large dogs sleep more than their smaller counterparts.

Animals that do not get enough exercise during the day may store extra energy before bed and find it difficult to calm down. They become agitated and anxious, creating additional problems for the owner.

The environment also affects how long a dog sleeps. Pets can be nervous for a variety of reasons: new family members or pets, a change in living conditions, separation from a companion, loud noise from a party or fireworks. Because of this, they either fall asleep at the wrong time, or their sleep becomes intermittent.

Various health problems (frequent urination, itching due to fleas, pain, etc.) can disrupt sleep patterns and make your pet restless.

Koliko psi i štenci spavaju dnevno

What should a dog owner worry about?

If the owner is well aware of the normal behavior of his pet, his daily routine, then he can easily determine how much the dog should sleep and whether any changes are happening to it.

Common signs of illness may include decreased activity and appetite, and lethargy. Sometimes they are accompanied by more specific symptoms – vomiting, coughing, diarrhea, lameness, etc.

Here are a few abnormal and potentially disturbing sleep conditions to watch out for:

  • Sleep schedule disruption. If the pet began to suddenly wander at night, jump up abruptly, trying to run somewhere, bark, be aggressive, or vice versa – the dog sleeps all day, suddenly falls asleep during the game, eating. These can all be signs of a variety of health problems. For example, the presence of endocrinological (hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus), neurological diseases, pain, etc. is likely.

  • Breathing problem. There may be snoring in a dream, increased breathing, or vice versa, apnea – its temporary stop. This is especially common in brachycephalic (short muzzle) and miniature breeds of dogs (English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Pekingese, Pugs), as well as overweight animals.

If your pet shows any of these signs, it is recommended that you visit your veterinarian for an examination.

How to prepare your dog for sleep

  1. Set up a comfortable place to sleep. The dog needs its own corner with a soft comfortable bed, where it will feel calm and safe.

  2. Odredite dnevnu rutinu. A sequence of actions should be planned – the exact time for walking, eating, resting. Changes in daily routine can affect sleep.

  3. Redovna fizička aktivnost. Joint games and exercises will not only strengthen the bond between the owner and the pet, but also tire the dog before bed. Mental activity is also needed during the day with the use of interactive toys or puzzles.

  4. Minimization of stress factors. Bright lights, harsh noises, new people or animals are exciting. Therefore, before going to bed, you need to create a calm environment for the pet.

  5. To pay attention. A pet needs attention from the owner, so he feels safe.

Koliko psi i štenci spavaju dnevno


  1. Good sleep is important for the health and recovery of the animal.

  2. Adult dogs (1-5 years old) sleep an average of 10 to 14 hours. Older individuals need more time to sleep – 16-18 hours.

  3. Babies sleep a lot (18 to 20 hours a day) because they need energy to grow and develop.

  4. For a good sleep, it is recommended to create comfortable conditions: a comfortable bed, subdued light, silence.

  5. It is important to pay enough attention to the pet: to organize physical and mental activity, both during walks and at home.

  6. If behavior changes, sleep disturbances (for example, if the dog sleeps all the time), you should contact your veterinarian.

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