Foreign White
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Foreign White

Characteristics of Foreign White

Zemlja porijeklaVelika britanija
Vrsta vuneKratka kosa
visinado 32 cm
Težina3-6 kg
starost15-20 godina
Foreign White Characteristics

Kratke informacije

  • The name of the breed is translated from English as “foreign white”;
  • Intelligent and calm;
  • They love to talk.


The history of this breed began in the UK in the 1960s. Breeder Patricia Turner saw an overexposed picture of a Siamese cat , and she liked this snow-white animal so much that the woman decided to breed a new breed. The difficulty was that white cats are usually born deaf. Patricia, on the other hand, set an ambitious task: to bring the animal out without this violation.

As potential parents, the breeder chose a seal point Siamese cat and a white British Shorthair cat. The resulting kittens became the founders of the breed, which was called “foreign white”.

In the character of foreign whites, their connection with Siamese cats can be traced. They have a high level of intelligence. Foreign whites are said to be able to learn commands and perform simple tricks.

In addition, another feature of this breed deserves special attention – talkativeness. Cats have their own language, and they do not make a single sound just like that: it can be a request, a demand, a caress, and even a question. In this, too, they are similar to the Oriental breed.

Foreign whites are a little arrogant towards other animals. Therefore, a flatmate, whether it be a cat or a dog, must accept the fact that foreign white is the main one in the house. If this does not happen, a war may begin.

However, the pet will be very attached to the person. He is not afraid of any moving if his beloved owner is nearby. The same applies to children: foreign whites treat babies with love, although they do not allow familiarity to be shown to their person. Children need to be taught that a cat should be handled with care.

Foreign White Care

Foreign white does not require special care. The cat has short hair, which can fall out during the molting period. To keep the house clean, in autumn and spring, the pet must be combed out 2-3 times a week with a mitten brush. It is advisable to accustom a kitten to this procedure from childhood.

The white coat of the animal quickly becomes dirty, especially if the cat walks on the street. Bathing a pet should be as necessary, but it is also necessary to accustom him to this process from childhood.

It is also recommended to regularly examine the eyes and mouth of the pet. It is believed that foreign whites have a predisposition to the formation of tartar.

Uslovi pritvora

To keep your foreign white’s teeth healthy, your cat needs a quality and balanced diet. Choose food with your veterinarian or on the advice of a breeder. It is important to note that Foreign White is not prone to weight gain, but it is still necessary to carefully monitor the size of food portions and the activity of the pet.

Despite the fact that foreign whites are a fairly healthy breed, it is forbidden to knit these cats among themselves. Before mating, you need to consult with the breeder.

Foreign White – Video

Foreign-White Kitten

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