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Prvi pas u tvom životu

This article is a kind of “curriculum” – it is designed to help understand the variety of tips for caring for a puppy and raising him for those who first decided to get a dog.

How to prepare for the appearance of a puppy?

First you need to decide for what purpose the dog is started. Will it be participation in exhibitions or breeding? Or do you need a faithful companion who will please you and meet you at home? If you live in a private home and want your pet to be a good watchdog, then you should pay attention to the breeds that have been bred for centuries for protection. Keep in mind that not all dogs have guarding abilities, and this does not depend on size: a dog can be large and calm, or it can be small but loud. If you want to make a hunting friend, then be prepared to reinforce your hunting instinct with regular training.

When getting a companion dog for a lonely elderly person, make sure that the pet is not one of those who need long active walks. If you are getting a puppy to play with children, then it is better to give preference to patient breeds.

Once you’ve set your goals, consider what breeds of dogs will be comfortable in your home. For example, many hunting breeds are poorly adapted to living in cramped apartments. The same applies to large dogs – in a small, densely furnished apartment, large dogs will not be very comfortable. Quite different conditions in a country house. There you can afford to have a large dog (or even more than one) without fear that it will be cramped.

Briga o psima

Taking care of a pet is attention to its diet, health, responsible upbringing and care of appearance. Depending on the breed and type of coat, the dog needs different care.

Some need to be combed out every day, as well as regularly driven to the hairdresser and bathed. Others are enough to occasionally wipe with a towel. Still others are taken twice a year for trimming. Some dogs shed noticeably, and their owners are forced to spend more time to clean the house, while others do not shed at all. Before choosing one or another breed, you should evaluate your strength and readiness to properly care for your pet.

To care for an animal, you need to purchase a whole range of items – from bowls and a leash to toys. It is better to take care of this in advance and buy everything before acquiring a dog, so that by the time it appears in the house everything is ready.

When is buying a puppy a mistake?

It happens that it is difficult for people to be given the role of new owners of a puppy, and they give it back or look for overexposure. To avoid this, you should soberly assess your capabilities and answer a few questions:

  1. Who will you leave your pet with when you go on vacation? Can you take a puppy with you if you need, for example, to visit a loved one?

  2. If the family plans to have a child, how will you feel about the baby playing with the dog? Will you be happy about this or will you have anxious thoughts and a desire to protect the child from the pet?

  3. Does your budget allow for food and vet care? Can you imagine the amount of expenses for a dog?

  4. Will you be able to pay enough attention to your pet, or do you have a busy and irregular work schedule?

  5. Are you ready for the puppy to be worried about something, get sick, or just get bored and whine at night in a new place at first?

  6. Do you have the patience to calmly accept puddles on the floor, which will definitely appear until the puppy gets used to the walking regime?

If you answered yes to all questions, then you can safely start a dog; if you still have any doubts, it is better to think again, consult with friends who have dogs, or with breeders.

Life with a puppy. What do you need to know in advance?

If you still decided and got a puppy, then be prepared for the fact that in the first days of your stay in the house, he will sleep a lot. The rest of the time, the baby will study the situation of his new home. He will do it, of course, with his teeth. It can get to the wiring or pick up a tube of cream that has accidentally fallen. To protect the puppy, many owners buy a large cage, some make their own aviary. This is a temporary measure that will protect the baby while he gets to know the world around him.

It is necessary to determine in advance the place where the pet’s personal space will be. There he will be safe: he will not interfere, no one will stumble over him, and in this place he will not be punished.

Walking down the street with a puppy will not be possible immediately. At first, until all the necessary vaccinations have been made, the baby should be at home and avoid contact with other dogs.

When vaccinations are done, the puppy can be taken out for a walk on a leash. The animal does not immediately learn to obey the owner, and therefore it is impossible to let him go without a leash.

Meanwhile, the education of the dog should begin immediately. The effect will be better if you deal with your pet from an early age. Classes should be held in a relaxed, positive atmosphere. Remember that hitting a dog is unacceptable. For disobedience, they scold with a stern voice and for some time deprive them of affection.

A properly educated dog, surrounded by love, affection and care, will become a best friend and a real family member.

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