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Increasing the chances of returning a lost dog is quite simple: you just need to purchase an address book. This is a small pendant with contact information on it. However, it can be difficult to choose it, because today pet stores offer a huge number of all kinds of address books. However, not all of them are reliable.

Address book types:

  • Kapsula

    The simplest and most common version of the address book is a small capsule in which paper with the contact details of the owner is placed. Despite its popularity, the capsule did not perform too well. Such address tags often unwind from friction with constant wear. Water can easily get into them, so the inscription is simply washed off, it becomes fuzzy. In addition, the person who finds the dog may not notice a small accessory around the pet’s neck or may not understand that it can be opened.

  • Plastic address tags

    Another type of inexpensive address tags is plastic or rubber models. They are also not very reliable – the bow of such an address tag frays over time, and the accessory is lost. As with the capsule, if the plastic accessory gets wet, the ink can smear.

  • metal models

    An engraved dog ID tag is more reliable: after all, the metal does not wear out so much. However, it is very important to engrave the inscription, and not apply it with paint, otherwise it is quickly erased and becomes unreadable.

    The dog tag is especially popular. Information can be printed on both sides.

  • kopče

    Another reliable type of address tag is a buckle or tag that is attached to the collar. Such an accessory is a small curved plate on the leather or fabric surface of the strap.

When purchasing an address book, you should not choose too pretentious models – with stones, rhinestones and other decorative elements. Such an accessory can attract criminals.

It also makes sense to pay attention to the weight of the address tag. Small pets should not buy a heavy medallion, and for a large dog, on the contrary, you should not buy accessories that are too small – they may simply be invisible in the coat.

It is important not only to choose an address book, but also to fill it in correctly.

What should be indicated on the address:

  • The nickname of the dog. But do not write the full name of the pet according to the pedigree. It is enough to indicate the home, to which the pet willingly responds.

  • Owner’s contact number or email address. It is better to give several ways of contact and phone numbers.

  • Zbog sigurnosti do not include your residential address.

  • Dodatne informacije and phrases that attract attention. It could be something like “Bring me home”, “I’m lost”, or a promise of a reward to the finder.

How to wear an address book?

Unlike a collar, it is not recommended to remove the address tag. Of course, if it is not a buckle type accessory. The medallion can also be attached to a separate tight cord. This is especially true if the dog does not wear a collar in the apartment.

Don’t forget about the ring mount for the address tag. Very often, they are the culprits for the loss of an accessory. Not strong enough and thick enough, even metal rings can unbend and wear out over time. Therefore, it is best to purchase an additional carabiner for attaching the address tag or a ring with a cross section of more than 1 mm.

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