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Pelene za pse

Pelene za pse

Diapers for dogs appeared on the Russian market relatively recently. But they have already been appreciated by many pet owners. Comfortable and practical, they can be used in different situations.

Why are diapers needed?

  • They can be used as a place to relieve the puppy during the quarantine period, when the baby cannot be taken to the toilet outside;

  • They will come in handy after surgery, when the pet cannot get up and go to the toilet on his own;

  • The diaper can act as a sterile carrier pad if you have a long trip ahead;

  • During childbirth, you can cover the bottom of the box or dog house with a diaper;

  • Owners of small dogs often put a diaper in the litter box during cold weather or arrange a toilet in the apartment on a permanent basis.

Today, manufacturers offer disposable and reusable diapers for dogs. They differ in composition and price. Which one to choose depends on the situation and the desire of the owner.

Disposable dog diapers are cheaper and suitable for transporting the dog to the clinic or when walks are temporarily prohibited. These wipes absorb liquid due to the filler inside, and their bottom layer is waterproof.

Reusable diapers do not contain filler: liquid is absorbed by the top layer, thanks to which the dog’s paws remain dry. Manufacturers claim that one diaper can absorb up to three liters of liquid, so it is suitable even for large dogs. Typically, reusable diapers are used in a litter box or placed under sick animals that cannot stand up. Such diapers are quite practical: they are dense, so they are not easy to tear, and besides, they can be safely washed and dried. Such a rug will last for about ten months or even a year, therefore its price is higher.

How to accustom a dog to diapers?

When a puppy or an adult dog from a shelter appears in the house, it is very important to start raising a pet in time, including teaching him to use the toilet. How? Follow the simple instructions:

  • Choose a dog training room;

  • Lay some diapers on the floor. It is important to cover the entire surface with them so that the pet does not have the opportunity to go into open space;

  • Keep track of where the dog usually goes, for the places she likes. Try putting diapers where she spends the most time;

  • Every 3-4 days, the number of diapers should be reduced: remove those that are not used by the pet.

In the process of accustoming a dog to a diaper, it is important not to shout at him, not to get angry and not to raise his voice. Repelling and, conversely, sprays that attract the attention of the animal will help speed up the training. They can be purchased at the pet store.

Praise your dog in time for learning progress, treat him with treats. Remember that animals respond much better to positive reinforcement than to punishment.

In general, adult healthy animals do not need diapers. The toilet in the apartment is rather a whim of the owner, and the dog needs to walk at least twice a day. Their duration depends on the size and nature of the pet. If it is enough for a toy terrier or Pomeranian to walk every time for 30–40 minutes, then, for example, this will not be enough for an active beagle or Jack Russell terrier. They need to walk at least one hour twice a day.

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