Ogrlice za pse – koju odabrati?
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Ogrlice za pse – koju odabrati?

Ogrlice za pse – koju odabrati?

How to choose a collar?

When choosing a collar for a dog, you need to pay attention to the purpose of the collar itself, the quality of the materials and the size.

To choose the optimal collar length for your dog, measure the circumference of your pet’s neck and add 5-7 cm. Pay attention to how tight you tighten the collar. If it fits snugly around the neck, then when jerking on a leash, it will cause discomfort to the dog and make it difficult to breathe. And if the collar is loosely tightened, then the pet will simply throw it off. The correct position of the collar is when two fingers of an adult are placed between it and the neck. Collar sizes:

  • S (up to 35 cm);

  • SM (35-41 cm);

  • M (41-48 cm);

  • ML (48-55cm);

  • L (more than 55 cm).

Now we will analyze what width a collar for a dog is better to take. A collar 2-3 cm wide should be bought for small dogs such as Bichon Frize, Jack Russell and the like. For larger ones – 4-5 cm. It is important to find a middle ground according to the size of your pet, because a very narrow one will rub the skin on the neck, and under a very wide one the hair can roll down.

An important element when choosing a collar is the quality of the fittings, namely the clasps and rings for the leash. Attachment points must be stitched, not glued. It is better to choose a welded ring for a leash, because a bent one can simply unbend when the dog jerks.

Types of collars for dogs

There are several types of collars for dogs, which differ in their purpose. Let’s start with everyday collars. They have a simple design, good wear resistance and extremely practical function.

Nylon collar

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


One of the most popular collars, as nylon is durable – it is from it that parachute lines are made. The material is lightweight, machine washable and does not require special care. Unlike leather, nylon does not roughen or crack. Nylon collars last a long time: they do not stretch, do not fade, do not rot after getting wet. Another plus is the simple design. The girth of such a collar is easily changed using a plastic regulator. A nylon collar is suitable for most puppies and adults of all breeds, with the exception of strong and aggressive dogs that need collars to correct their behavior. Please note that low-quality material can stain wool.

Kožna kragna

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


Leather collars are durable and strong when not wetted or exposed to frost and heat. They require special care, like other leather products.

When choosing a leather collar, study its design: it is desirable that it be two-layer, the edges are processed, and the fittings are firmly sewn on. A rough leather collar is more budgetary, but can rub on the neck and crack quickly. Soft leather is more expensive, but the dog is more comfortable. The main thing is that the skin is not overly soft, because it can quickly stretch.

canvas collar

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


This material is elastic, lightweight, unlike leather, it can be wetted. But at the same time, it is able to retain moisture and become heavy, as well as rot if it is not dried in time. Less canvas strap: wears out quickly and breaks with minor damage or frequent wear. The main plus: budget material, 3-4 times cheaper than leather.

Choke ovratnik


This species is intended for training and behavior correction. They are not used every day, and not every dog ​​needs them. Nooses are chosen for active dogs that tear the leash during a walk and do not obey the owner.

The main purpose of the noose is training. But if you choose a garrote not in the form of a metal chain, but made of nylon and leather, then it can be used in everyday walks. With a sharp movement of the animal, such a collar tightens and makes it stop. Metal chains are more effective in correcting behavior because they cause discomfort or pain to the animal.


Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


Such a collar for dogs is called strict. It is designed for training, as well as for walking aggressive, large and strong dogs. A parphos is a metal or leather belt with spikes on the inside. The length of the teeth should be chosen based on the length of the coat: the shorter the coat, the smaller the teeth. So you do not harm the animal, but only discipline it.

In a calm position, the parphos should hang freely, and not dig into the neck.

Električna ogrlica

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


It is a collar with a built-in electrical element that sends weak currents into the dog’s neck when the owner presses a button on the remote control. The dog associates the unpleasant sensation of current with unwanted behavior, which helps in training. Different models of collars have different duration and strength of the electrical impulse, some models have a limiter – the collar turns off for a while when used for a long time so as not to harm the animal.

Exhibition collars


They come with a chain, like a noose, or with a leather Adam’s apple. Adam’s apple is needed so that the dog keeps its head high and straight during the exhibition. Show collars should be in the color of the coat so as not to detract from the display of the breed.

Dog collar rating

When choosing the best collar, the following parameters were evaluated: quality and durability of materials, comfort for the dog, price and appearance. Each was rated on a 10-point scale.

  • 1 mjesto. The collar Hunter Swiss 75 is durable, made of high quality leather, with an interesting design, universal. (1010)

  • 2 mjesto. The Rogz HB11 E choke collar is made of nylon, very wear-resistant, looks elegant, and is inexpensive. (1010)

  • 3 mjesto. Nylon dog collar Waudog Nylon with reflector. Versatile and cute. (1010)

  • 4 mjesto. Luminous LED collar Romchi is an inexpensive, but useful and beautiful accessory. (1010)

  • 5 mjesto. Collar Rogz HC11 D with a reflector for small dogs. (910)

  • 6 mjesto. The Hunter Canadian 65 collar is made of durable leather, but without the ability to attach an address tag and is quite expensive. (910)

  • 7 mjesto. Professional electronic collar PTS1200 with remote control for training. (810)

  • 8 mjesto. Collar Gamma canvas – short-lived, but cheap and versatile option. (710)

1st place — Collar Hunter Swiss 75

Procjena: 1010

Prednosti: high quality, genuine leather, soft, so it does not crack, durable and elastic, interesting design, versatile. The best collar for a dog according to the editors.

Cons: nije detektovano

Cijena u trenutku objavljivanja: 4198 rubalja.

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


2nd place — Rogz HB11 E choke collar

Procjena: 10/10

Prednosti: Judging by the reviews, this nylon collar lasts for years and remains in excellent condition, does not fade, does not tear, does not rot and is very wear-resistant. Available in several bright colors, it looks elegant. The girth is easily adjustable.

Cons: nije detektovano

Cijena u trenutku objavljivanja: 456 rubalja.

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


3rd place – Waudog Nylon nylon collar

Procjena: 1010

Prednosti: durable, lightweight, reflective, buckle with lock prevents the collar from accidentally opening. Several different sizes, so you can fit any size dog.

Cons: nije pronađeno.

Cijena u trenutku objavljivanja: 408 rubalja.

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


4th place — Luminous LED collar Romchi

Procjena: 1010

Prednosti: The collar glows in the dark thanks to the LED strip. You will definitely not lose sight of the dog at night, and it will also be visible to passers-by and cars. There are several flash modes. The nylon collar is easy to wash in the washing machine. There are several sizes for different breeds of dogs, inexpensive. The luminous tape can be removed, there is a carabiner for the address tag.

Cons: nije detektovano

Cijena u trenutku objavljivanja: 364 rubalja.

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


5th place — Collar Rogz HC11 D

Procjena: 910

Prednosti: durable, has a reflective stitching, easy to put on, wear-resistant.

Cons: for large dogs narrow in width.

Cijena u trenutku objavljivanja: 674 rubalja.

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


6th place – Collar Hunter Canadian 65

Procjena: 910

Prednosti: durable, does not stretch thanks to the polyamide fiber, which is laid between the layers of the skin. Soft, does not rub the neck.

Cons: address mount is not provided, high price.

Cijena u trenutku objavljivanja: 5689 rubalja.

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


7th place — professional electronic collar PTS1200

Procjena: 810

Prednosti: high build quality of the model, range up to 1200 m, quick response of the team, 10 levels of exposure, built-in anti-bark, charges for three days, good quality-price ratio.

Cons: for some owners, the sound effect may seem quiet, difficulties in synchronizing the remote and the collar, narrowly directed (only for training).

Cijena u trenutku objavljivanja: 7990 rubalja.

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


8th place — Collar Gamma tarpaulin 11202008

Procjena: 710

Prednosti: light and elastic, easy to adjust and use for every day, low price

Cons: short service life

Cijena u trenutku objavljivanja: 155 rubalja.

Ogrlice za pse - koju odabrati?


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