Mogu li psi jesti hranu za mačke?

Mogu li psi jesti hranu za mačke?


Perhaps the only thing that cats and dogs have in common is that they are descended from carnivores. This is where the similarity ends: their descendants and, accordingly, our pets have completely different habits. This largely concerns gastronomic preferences.

For example, if cats need to eat small portions, but often, then the dog is recommended to eat no more than twice a day. Not only the regimen is important: animals also need to receive nutrients with food in certain proportions, without disturbing the balance.

As they say in the scientific literature, a cat is an obligate, that is, an unconditional predator, and a dog is an optional predator, that is, it has the features of an omnivore. This is why cats need more protein than dogs. To illustrate, Whiskas dry food is 32% protein, while Pedigree dry food is 22%. These protein ratios are scientifically proven and are optimal for cats and dogs, respectively.

Da biste izbjegli probleme

Thus, if you regularly give your dog a diet designed for a cat, the pet will receive protein in excess amounts. And this threatens to complicate the condition of the liver and kidneys of the animal.

The same can be said about other components of the feed: minerals, amino acids and vitamins. They are needed by the pet in the amount that meets its needs and characteristics of the body. In particular, a cat needs taurine, which its body does not produce, while a dog is able to partially synthesize this substance. And another example: a cat needs to get vitamin A, while a dog is able to produce it on its own.

That is, an animal that eats food that does not meet its needs is at risk of getting health problems.

At the same time, the dog will avoid them if you give it a one-time cat diet, due to certain circumstances: for example, when there is no suitable food at hand.

Nema konkurencije

It happens that a dog, when living together with a cat in the same house, can eat its food. She does this, as a rule, for reasons of competition.

You can advise the following here: you need to breed pet bowls in different rooms or place them at different heights. In the latter case, the cat’s dishes can be placed on the table or windowsill so that the dog does not get to food that is not suitable for him.

Thus, the main rule in feeding a pet is to give him a diet that is adequate for his age, size, special needs and … species. The cat should be fed a cat food. Dog – rations for dogs.

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