Pasmine pasa sklone ozljedama oka

Pasmine pasa sklone ozljedama oka

Consider the breeds of dogs that are more likely than others to face eye injuries and diseases. Let’s talk about the symptoms, possible prevention and how to help your pet keep his eyesight!

Dog breeds with the most problematic eyes

No dog breed is immune from eye problems. However, some groups have common eye diseases related to their physiology.

1 Brachycephalic: Dogs With A Short Muzzle

In these breeds, the eyes are relatively large, in addition, they protrude strongly from the sockets, and therefore are prone to injury. A dog can damage its eyes while playing with relatives or the owner. It is also possible that some foreign object gets into the eye. Of particular danger is the coexistence of cats and miniature dogs with round and large eyes. Often cats, defending themselves, mark their claws in the eye. Cat scratch disease is one of the most dangerous, as the damage is usually deep, and many microbes accumulate on the cat’s claws. Veterinarian, microsurgeon SV Saroyan talks about the treatment of a corneal ulcer in a Pekingese from a blow with a cat’s claw.

2. “Wrinkled” dog breeds

Pasmine pasa sklone ozljedama oka

Such caudates often face inversion of the eyelids: eyelashes, as it were, are screwed inside the eye and scratch the cornea. These same breeds are also prone to eversion of the eyelids.

3. Dogs with lower eyelids pulled down

Animals often suffer from a congenital pathology – the wrong direction of eyelid growth. As a result, dirt and dust accumulate on the eyelids, conjunctivitis develops. In such breeds of dogs, the eyelids cannot fully close, moisturize and protect the cornea of ​​​​the eye, so it can dry out and get injured.

Pasmine pasa sklone ozljedama oka

4. Dogs with long hair on the muzzle

Hair often gets into the eyes and injures the cornea.

Uznemirujući simptomi

First of all, the appearance of unnatural, abundant and cloudy discharge from the dog’s eyes should alert. Another characteristic symptom is inflammation of the tissues around the eyes. If the dog’s conjunctiva is reddened or the eyelids are swollen, then this may indicate an injury or conjunctivitis. Cloudy eyes or the appearance of whitish spots should also alert. It is worth paying attention to photophobia or involuntary squinting. If any of these symptoms occur, you should contact your veterinarian. Eye diseases develop rapidly and lead to serious complications!

What to do if your dog has an eye injury

First you need to examine and, if necessary, rinse the eye (boiled water can be used for this). Next, you need to see a doctor. Reparin-Helper® regenerative drops can be used to normalize inflammation and reduce the risk of complications. Veterinarians often prescribe them to treat inflammation of the eyes of varying severity. Reparin-Helper® is effective both in the case of conservative therapy and in the postoperative period. The drug stimulates the regeneration process, with it the restoration of damaged tissues is faster and better. Doctors note that the risk of scar formation on the cornea is reduced with its use. Detailed reviews of veterinarians on the use of Reparin-Helper® can be found on the website:

Be careful during active games, avoid contact with aggressive animals, carry out grooming and vaccination on time, and contact professionals in case of any alarming signs!

The material was prepared with the participation of Reparin-Helper® brand experts

Pasmine pasa sklone ozljedama oka

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